Shoe Trends Spotted at the 2019 Menswear Show

For whatever reason, men’s fashions tend to receive less attention than women’s fashions, especially when it comes to footwear. Nevertheless, there are still menswear shows taking place in fashion centers all over the world, including Milan’s Menswear Fashion Week back in February. Careful examination of these exhibitions has demonstrated a number of interesting trends in

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Late Summer Trends

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash Summer is almost over, the weather is changing and so are the trends that are dominating the streets and beaches during these late summer days. After the hottest days of summer, you are finally able to dress with fashion and style in mind instead of constantly thinking about how to

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Types of Hijab by Designs

Hijab is an undoubted symbol of decency. Also known as a headscarf or veil, it is traditionally used by Muslim women to cover the head and chest region. It is a religious requirement for any woman who will be surrounded by men who are non-family members. There are different kind of hijab fabrics, and materials like

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