The Latest Tech Trends and Gadgets

Technology is now at the heart of almost everything you do, from cooking and relaxing to exercising and communicating, there is usually some form of tech involved. It has also now migrated from our mobile phones to our homes and our cars as well. Companies are also looking to make more things smarter and easier to use; this has prompted new trends every year for the must-have technology. Here are some of the latest trends and new tech coming to you soon.

Voice Assistants

Over the past couple of years, the emergence of voice-assisted gadgets has exploded, and these assistants are set to become even more part of your lives. They are going to start migrating from the Bluetooth speaker in the corner of your room and your smartphone in its iPhone SE phone case, to more central places such as your car and your microwave. The big voice assistant companies like Google and Amazon are also looking to partner up so that they can add this tech to other objects as well. It could be that your next shower head will come equipped with a voice assistant, and smart home systems will be able to know what you want before you do.

Smart Cities

The UN has estimated that 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2030. With this huge growth of people moving towards these areas, governments and local authorities are going to need smart technology to keep the cities running smoothly. Smart cities go beyond the self-driving or flying cars we see in the movies or on TV. While they do play their role as a part of transportation and public transport, smart cities are about developing infrastructure and systems that can cater to growing populations and reduce a city’s environmental impact. Smart water meters are already being used in some cities to help manage and water supply and control, while we do directly see this as a resident it goes a long way in reducing water wastage and costs. Other advance that we may see in the near future is the development of electric and self-driving public transport. Public transportation systems are integral to a cities infrastructure, but one the residents are more likely to see compared to something like smart water meters.

Sports Tech

With sports being so popular and more lucrative than ever before, clubs are looking to get the edge over their competition. Part of this means that they are investing in sports tech to help them better manage their players and get them closer to peak condition. These gadgets include trackers and monitors that can show how far someone has run and what their fitness level is like. There is also technology that can help players recover faster and stronger than previously, which can help teams to put out their best squad more often, along with a variety of safety gear to protect players.


Robots are always fascinating to people, mainly because they are often trying to mimic something that humans can do. Apart from the popularity of the vacuuming robots, there is other research and development in other areas. One that has captured the imagination is the companion robot. These can converse with you and offer help and advice. It could be that the virtual assistants are taking on a more physical form.

Each year more gadgets are being developed by manufacturers than ever before. Only time will tell how some of these will influence peoples lives and make things easier.