Is it Vivid is a lifestyle blog that inspires you to throw off the shackles of doubt that are holding you back in life, so that you can unapologetically upgrade your life on all levels.

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Hi, I’m Sofia Jakobsson and I’ve always been into personal growth for as long as I can remember. When my girlfriends were reading Cosmopolitan and guys my age were watching sports, I always had my head buried in a self-help book.

Being from the UK, this is something that’s often mocked, but I developed a thick skin and decided to set my own standards for the life I wanted to lead. After building a successful online business, travelling the world and surrounding myself with loving and supportive people, I urge you to set your own standards and boundaries so that you can get working on upgrading your own lifestyle.

– Sofia Jakobsson

Your Journey Can
Start Here, Today.

“I wish I travelled more” is one of the most spoken words of regret on people’s deathbeds. Don’t let it be yours. 

Get inspiration for your upcoming travel plans with advice from the trendy to the offbeat destinations, plus trip planning (so you don’t forget your toothbrush!)

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Health, Travel, Career and Love: We find that this is what most people crave when searching for a higher value life. We want to make sure you’re fully armed with the knowledge to excel in these areas.