“I wish I travelled more” is one of the most spoken words of regret on people’s deathbeds. Don’t let it be yours.

Jakarta Top Attractions

The sprawling Indonesian capital, Jakarta, might seem like a chaotic city to visit. The heavy traffic and the high population of people in the capital might have you wondering whether your stay will be worthwhile, especially if you are a first-time traveler.  However, once the dust settles, you get to understand the magic of Jakarta …

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China – Unique Country with Amazing Tourist Attractions

China is certainly one of the most beautiful countries in the world so millions of travelers want to come there and explore the attractions the destination provides. There are various interesting and unique tourist locations, and there is definitely a lot to see. That’s why China is one of the top tourist destinations in the …

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Top 5 Expectations From A Trip

If you love the holidays and want to participate in all the traditional activities like attending the best cabaret shows or splurging on the best restaurants during the holidays, setting huge expectations could cause a major upset. You see it all the time, people build up their expectations on what their holiday should look like, …

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Christmas on a Catamaran?

We all have so many different ways of spending our Christmas vacations – though most people would agree that it’s a time for getting together with all with our friends and family, and making space to get to know them better. We eat, drink, and spend time together. But let’s suppose that it’s Christmas time and …

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Top Reasons to Hire a Car in Miami

Miami is undoubtedly on the bucket list of many travelers. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean, on the southeast coast of Florida. This tourist hub is rightfully considered worldwide popular, given the number of tourists exceeds 10 million annually. A journey to Miami would be incomplete without visiting the sights and places in its neighborhood. …

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