Our Story

Hi, I’m Sofia Jakobsson and I’ve always been into personal growth for as long as I can remember. When my girlfriends were reading Cosmopolitan and guys my age were watching sports, I always had my head buried in a self-help book.

Being from the UK, this is something that’s often mocked, but I developed a thick skin and decided to set my own standards for the life I wanted to lead. After building a successful online business, travelling the world and surrounding myself with loving and supportive people, I urge you to set your own standards and boundaries so that you can get working on upgrading your own lifestyle.

– Sofia Jakobsson

2 thoughts on “Our Story”

  1. Hey Sofia,

    Are you able to please update broken link on your website?

    You have posted your article over here:


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    The link was going to this page that no longer works:


    Here is a similar but in-depth article that may be good alternate resource to replace that broken link.


    Hope this helps


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