Discovering Ocho Rios, a Thrilling Cruise Adventure

Cruises to Jamaica allow you to spend a couple of days at Ocho Rios, which is well known for its white sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and green dense jungles. On a Cruise to Ocho Rios, it might be challenging to figure out just where should one start from. But there is no need for you to worry as here are 5 things not to be missed.

Cruise to Ocho Rios is a beautiful and entertaining holiday-spot lovers of all stripes can find something even they might like. A stopover option on this adventure Cruise to Ocho Rios is Dolphin Cove. There is much too see and do that one will wish to go back and live again his holiday.

Yaaman Adventure Park Visit

Our first thing to visit on a cruise is to be the “Yaaman Adventure Park, Ocho Rios” a paradise-like attraction. It’s good for children and adults. As soon as you decide to go to Ocho Ríos, Cuba, you need to choose their packages or their Adventure Platters that Yaaman Adventure Park provides just to have an amazing Cruise to Ocho Ríos.

There are many activities offered by Yaaman Adventure Park. You can dive with dolphins, go through a culinary adventure, go wild for cycle, visit raptor aviaries, take secret blue hole afternoon chill out or simply spend the day relaxing at Sahara Star. 

Dunn’s River Falls Visit

You have to visit Dunn’s River Falls in your next Cruise to Ocho Rios. It ranks as one of the wonders of Jamaica. You ought to make a visit with your family some place overwhelming to see the waterfall cascading more than 600 feet from the precipice. 

Let it say you want to schedule a trip for this incredible action with the greatest marine mammals. After which you can reserve the “Dolphin Royal Swim” option from Dolphin Covefor both adults and kids is a steal.

Dolphin Cove lets you swim with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is also offered in Jamaica Cruise to Ocho Rios, so all responsible tourists who get here should try it. If one of your aims is to meet with dolphins or sharks one of your destinations being Jamaica, Dolphin Cove represents the right destination in order to take advantage of this attractive activity.

You can also snorkel with stingrays, hike in the woods, rent kayaks, and slide on water slides on the beach. You can browse amazing family packages offered on the Dolphin Cove website. The site also has fantastic discounts which work at any point.

Exploring of Blue Hole

Then there is this naturally formed hole in the jungles of Jamaica, which you should not afford to miss when you make your next Cruise to Ocho Rios. Lager vegetation surrounding The Hole, and remarkable shade of clear and blue water, just give it’s a name.

One of the most enjoyable family recreation terrains inclusive of you and all other visitors whereby others could indulge in a light swim is the Hole. You can also fish or simply sit on the rocks while enjoying the spectacular sight. If Cruise to Ocho Rios from Yaaman Adventure Park is your next destination you can make it happen to this secret blue hole. 

Blue Hole 1.jpg

Shopping In Ocho Rios

In Cruise to Ocho Rios you have a lot of shopping opportunities. Most of the stores are selling clothes, jewelry, gifts and much more. There you will also get excellent bargains in furniture and craft and art that are locally made.

The best thing is to take a backup of extra money for such kinds of purchases as most of Tours that people ask for that doesn’t include gifts or other items.