Independent fashion brands to watch this summer

A new season beckons upon us! Which means a good excuse for a new wardrobe! You might have thought since there are an abundance of new mens designer fashion brands nowadays, which ones will stay around and still be our little secret?

Well, here is a selection of independent fashion brands to help you get started this summer!

1 Erdem

You may have heard of Erdem at some point.The London based designer has continued to refuse external investment, and this means surprisingly, he is still independent! Known for his focus on his feminine dress which radiates lightness and decadence, his next sight is now, New York!

2 Magda Butrym

Since 2014, Warsaw based designer, Magdalena Butrym has been making waves. Now, being stocked in highly esteemed stockists such as Selfridges and MyTheresa, this brand is still under the radar as the designer is known for being selective about their distributor. Still, the fashion crowd raves on with Kim Kardashian being at the forefront championing their heavy leather wear. Who can blame them being fixed onto Butrym’s mix of rock and roll and bohemian design in her collection? Keep this on your list for future reference.

3 Societe Noir

If you want something that is more luxe and stay within mid-ranged, you should give Societe Noir are go. At a glance, you know their trucker hats looks that good. Guess what? You are right, as they are already a monster hit this Spring as their scribbled white Noir mesh hats have sold out! The only way is up for them this Summer! So, get the rest before they go, as you’ll be giving that mysterious aura and take the attention of many with this brand.

4 Attico

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio are the designers behind this Italian brand. With a huge following on Instagram mainly due to their street style, and their obsession with vintage furniture, they knew they had to execute their passion somehow. All their silk dresses pieces gives a unique feel too, which have got the fashion crowd in an uproar. As the business is only a shy away from two years old, we know this just the beginning.

There is a reason why these brands are still around and not fading into the background. Hopefully, these brands will help you with your wardrobe update this Summer!