Interesting Tips and Tricks To Make The Most Out Of Your Self Storage


If you recently rented a self-storage space, you are probably wondering how you can pack it in the most effective way. The great thing about self storage is that you can keep all your valuables or unused items in these units without cluttering up your home. Here are five interesting tips that will ensure you are making the most of your self storage space.

  1. Dryer Sheets as Bug Repellant

With any storage facility, the prospect of bugs and spiders getting into your items is a worry. You can use dryer sheets among your items to keep these critters away. Place the dryer sheets in corners of the space, along with some within the boxes you are packing. Ideally, replace them every few months to maintain the effect.

  1. Avoid Trapping Moisture

Try to use cardboard boxes for packing your items, as they are breathable. If you are using some other type of box, you will be trapping too much moisture into the boxes. And that moisture will ruin some of your items, especially if they are sitting there for years.

  1. Maintain Space for Walking

It is tempting and useful to pack up your storage unit as tightly as possible. But you must ensure that you have small pathways in your rented storage units near you so that you can walk around the unit. It will be much easier for you to find a specific box and take the items out from it.

If you have no walkways, you will be walking over boxes and packed items if you need to reach something near the back.

  1. Stack Items Appropriately

When you are stacking boxes on top of each other, ensure they are coordinated by size and weight. The heavier boxes should be going on the bottom, unless they have some sensitive items in them. Lighter boxes can go on top – or you will crush your lighter items. Also ensure that you are stacking boxes of the same dimensions on top of each other to maintain order.

  1. Pack Your Truck the Right Way

If you really want an easy experience while you are packing your self storage unit, try to pack your truck in the right way. Pack your truck backwards based on how you want to pack your storage unit. That means you can just pick up boxes in order from your truck and place them in the storage unit. It is a lot easier than unloading the entirety of your truck and then figuring out how to arrange the boxes within the storage unit!

Packing up items and placing them in a self-storage unit is a challenging process. It is exhausting and will require some work. But it is also a very rewarding experience, as you now have a safe place for all the items you do not want cluttering your house or apartment. Our top five tips should ensure that you are making full use of the self storage space that you just rented!