Things Worth Looking Into In 2020

Are you wondering what hot new trends might be coming up in 2020? Maybe you’re looking for a new interest to develop or you’re just curious about learning about new things. Whatever your desires for the year ahead, we’ve put together some interesting suggestions for things you might end up wanting to read about. While not everything on this list is likely to fit the bill, you might find something that you like. Without further adieu, here’s our short list of cool topics in 2020


Okay, with all the hubbub about recycling and cutting back on plastics, you might be wondering “why is plastics a topic we’re even entertaining in 2020?”, but there’s a couple of very good reasons. Not all plastic is evil and ends up in landfills, and with options like out there, you can be sure that some companies are ethical and knowledgeable about plastic production and recycling. Plastics will be here to stay for awhile at least, so knowing about different kinds and how they can be recycled is useful while you continue to run into plastics throughout the world for at least another year. Even the automotive industry uses plastics, so it’s likely to be around for awhile still – but at least we can be educated about them, right?


Coaching is one of the hottest new trends. In a world where it seems that everyone is broken in some way or they’re looking for the ultimate happiness and how to live it day in, day out, coaching of various types is taking the world by storm. So many different types of life coaches exist and focus on specific areas for their clients. Usually you will have an initial meeting with a coach first to set goals and discuss what you’re looking to get out of the sessions. is one of the top coaches we have come across when looking into this – and with expertise, experience and a herd of happy clients, we’re left thinking we might sign ourselves up for a bit of a kick in the pants with our new year’s goals.


Who doesn’t love a bit of travel? It’s one of the hottest trends that keeps on keeping on. Travel is so accessible today for so many people that it’s not uncommon to see youngsters jetting off abroad solo for their gap years or school holidays with friends. If you’re in the market for a bit of a getaway, check out the deals Santa Barbara Travel have on offer for all kinds of quirky getaways for singles, couples or families. After all, everyone loves exploring places away from home, so why not make your 2020 a travel year and see something or somewhere you never thought you’d see?

There you have some of the hot trends we have come up with for 2020. Check out some of these neat topics and see how you can get in on them this coming year.