Stay clear of calcium oxalate stones with these great food tips


According to some statistics, it would appear that quite a large number of the world’s population will sooner or later have to deal with kidney stones. It is something that you avoid. However, it is not always that easy, especially when you don’t know how to do that. Calcium oxalate stones can be a real pain to have to deal with, both metaphorically and literally. However, it’s not a passed sentence that you can’t escape. You can, in fact, make sure that you stay healthy and that you won’t have to go through all that trouble by making some changes in your diet. You can find even more health tips if you click here.

Calcium is your friend

When it comes to preventing kidney stones, you need to make sure that you consume calcium rich foods. It might be understandably confusing. However, the way to stay clear of calcium oxalates isn’t by eliminating calcium from your diet, but through increasing your intake. Foods that contain a lot of calcium should be on your short list of items to always have in your fridge. It’s essential to sort the “good calcium” from the “bad calcium” when it comes to creating a calcium high diet. Calcium that comes from sources like dairy products and fish are great, but sources like leafy greens or nuts have a form of calcium in their composition that doesn’t benefit for those trying to lower chances of getting kidney stones. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as they increase their risk of developing kidney stones due to the chemical reaction that takes place in the stomach when this form of calcium comes in contact with the oxalate.

Less protein

While usually having a diet that is high in protein is beneficial, in this particular scenario, it is indicated to have a low protein diet. It will help you eliminate the risk of stone formation and keep your healthy.  You should focus on seeing your protein intake not go over a total of 80 grams per day. There are numerous sources from which you could take your protein, including animals and vegetables, but also pasta and other foods like cereal and even eggs.  When you do your shopping, however, make sure to get the low sodium version of foods, whenever the option is available. Sodium is your enemy when it comes to kidney stone development. Whatever your chances are, you can consider them drastically increased if you consume a lot of sodium. Try to avoid a lot of sodium and eat foods and their iterations that are low in sodium. It plays a great role in not creating another problem for you while trying to fix the stones one.

Water is a top priority

Multiple things reduce the chances of calcium oxalate stones, but one that many aren’t aware of is water. You should drink plenty of water regardless of anything else, but even more so if you fear that oxalate stones might be a problem for you. Be cautious however because not all drinks and liquids have the same effect. Grapefruit juice for example, even though the benefit to the body in so many ways, can significantly increase the risk of developing kidney stones, so you have to be careful. Water and also alcoholic beverages like beer are on the opposing side and will lower your chances of developing kidney stones drastically.