Providing the Best Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is a deadly disease, causing death to millions worldwide. Even a person leading a healthy life can develop cancer. But, the people eating unhealthy food and consuming intoxicative substances can develop this problem even easily. In developed nations patients with 4th stage cancer can be treated. But, in developing countries such sophisticated and advanced equipment are not available. Usually, people with Stage III cancer also often do not survive. But they are providing the best treatment to the cancer patients.

Cancer hospitals in India

Some of the hospitals in India provide the best treatment for cancer. Such hospitals not only provide therapies such as oncology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc. but also provide holistic treatment to the people. They provide different types of therapies such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and radiation therapy to cure the disease.

Some of such hospitals provide the best cancer treatments in India. They treat the patients suffering from different types of cancers such as lung, neck, gastrointestinal, head, breast, etc. The hospitals are well- equipped with robotic system to treat severe problems such as cervix, colon, prostrate, rectum, colon cancers and tumours of the heart. They use many other best therapies to treat the patient.

Different types of equipment are used to treat different types of cancers. Usually, the hospitals in India are equipped with such equipment and can treat different cancer patients. They use MRI mammography or X-ray mammography to detect lumps in the breasts. They perform biopsy to detect tumour and also access the receptor level. They perform breast conserving surgeries and sometimes also whole breast construction to prevent lymph.

Gastrointestinal Cancer

They provide best treatment for cancer in India for patients suffering at Stage I and Stage II cancer. The survival rates from grade III cancer are relatively lower.

The patients with gastrointestinal cancers are also treated using the advanced equipment. So, their team consists of molecular pathologists, gynaecologist, oncologist surgeons, interventional radiologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and geneticists, to perform surgeries. They are provided with different types of therapies depending upon the problem such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc. Different people develop cancers in different parts such as liver, small intestine, oesophagus, neuroendocrine system, etc.

Head and neck cancer

So, a team of medical experts perform tests to detect tumours of the mouth, neck, throat, larynx, nose, sinus, cancer specialists. They perform chemotherapy, reconstructive surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and rehabilitation therapies to cure the problem and also help the patients live normal lives.

Certain types of cancers are curable in India today such as lymphoma, acute leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease, etc. are curable and they are treated with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, etc. In India, cancers are detected in the advanced stage, but the doctors cannot treat them due to lack of resources. The cost of cancer treatment in India is relatively higher for people with moderate and low income. The rich people usually travel to U.S to undergo treatment. But, yet the doctors are using equipment for proton therapy to provide better treatment to the cancer patients.