George Ammar on Why it Is Easy to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

George Ammar is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based in Cleveland, OH. He is the owner and founder of Ohio CFO, LLC and is fully CPA certified. His priorities in life, however, are on health and fitness. He believes that life should be about being health and enjoying things, which is what builds resilience. While he has a tremendous directory of clients within his business for whom he prepares account statements and more, therefore, George S. Ammar always tries to offer them advice and tips on healthy living as well. This is because, above all else, he believes living a healthy lifestyle is actually surprisingly easy.

George Ammar Teaches People to Live Healthy with Ease

To be healthy, most people only have to make small changes. These small changes have a huge impact, however. He encourages people to take a look at their current habits. Perhaps they drink too much, consume too much sugar, smoke, don’t sleep enough, or anything else. Most people have at least one bad habit, and changing that one will have a huge impact. Remember that it takes just 21 days to lose a habit and to create a new one!

Naturally, a focus must also be placed on exercise and, in Cleveland, Ohio at least, exercising is really easy. Whether it is going to the gym or simply having a brisk walk through any of Cleveland’s parks, any exercise is better than no exercise. The body was made to move, so it stands to reason that, by moving it, it becomes happy. George S. Ammar is always keen to point out different exercises that people can complete with ease, moving away from the sedentary lifestyle.

Most of all, there are many simple ways in which someone can burn calories and avoid obesity. Simple things such as taking a break during work, having a stretch and a stroll, dancing around the living room or going for a swim, are fun and easy ways to not just burn those calories, but to stop thinking about the various stresses and responsibilities in life as well.

Naturally, it is vital to eat a healthy diet. This should be balanced and focused mainly on fruits and vegetables. Protein is also vital, as its staying properly hydrated. Dairy products, fruits, green salads, cereals, and more are all tasty foods that people should eat if they want to be healthy.

Interestingly, George Ammar also focuses on the more enjoyable things in life. For instance, he encourages people not just to get enough sleep, but also to develop a greater work-life balance. Too many people quite literally work themselves to death and nothing is worth that. Instead, they should develop meaningful relationships with friends and family members and do things together that they all enjoy. Work needs to be left at work and people like George S. Ammar, as CPAs, know how hard that can be. However, everybody owes it to themselves to allow themselves to switch off.