Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman On The Different Types of Meteorologists Out There

Have you ever wondered what a meteorologist actually does? Well if so, you will possibly be surprised that these men and women do a job which is highly specialised and incredibly technical. Whilst on the one hand you may see people like Jim Byrne KCOY weatherman for the Santa Maria area of California, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what meteorologists actually do. In fact there are many different branches of meteorology and today we are going to take a look into each of them.

Broadcast Meteorologist

A broadcasting meteorologist refers to the weathermen who grace our screens, our radio station and our online channels, that bring you the current weather forecast for the coming days. Whilst it may not always look like it, these men and women have to work incredibly hard and need to have a high level of ability in order to not only investigate the weather conditions, but also to be able to present them on screen, using digital tools.

Climate Meteorologist

This branch of meteorology deals with the longer term outlook of weather, as well as focusing on historical weather details. The key for this area of meteorology is to understand patterns and weather data, in order to best predict how the weather will change in the future, on a global scale.

Forensic Meteorologist

There are many occasions in a court of law, where the weather conditions can play a key role in court proceedings. Very often this is brought about by insurance companies as part of a claim, but it is not restricted to this. A forensic meteorologist will stand up in a court case and speak about the weather conditions of a particular day in question, using the data and analysis which they have found.

Consulting Meteorologist

There are a great many businesses that rely on the weather conditions, and equally on the professionals that are paid to give them forecasts. A company that does need to understand the weather conditions, will hire a professional to work in line with them, in order to give the specific forecasts that pertain to the company.

Synoptic Meteorologist

Meteorologists rely on tools and instruments to measure weather conditions in order to make their forecasts, and the synoptics specialists are the men and women who work hard to provide them with up to date equipment with which to measure. The development of these tools has come an incredibly long way in recent years and the accuracy with which we can now predict the weather conditions is incredible.

Environmental Meteorologist

This aspect of meteorology deals with the wider world and the weather impacts which have been dictated by the changing face of the environment. Climate change and global warming are perfect examples of what these professionals focus on, including ways in which we can improve the state of our planet through environmental impacts.