Let Your Application Help Your Clients Realize Dreams

Saving Time And Inculcating Convenience

Mobile smartphone applications are changing the way we think of the internet. They’re additionally making things less time consuming and more convenient. It’s no wonder they are as popular as they are! Let’s conduct a few thought experiments to get a better idea of the reality.

Say you’ve got to make an appointment for the dentist. You could call them up on the phone, wait in a queue for anywhere from twenty seconds to twenty minutes, then talk to a receptionist who asks a cavalcade of pre-prepared questions. The least amount of time you’ll be able to get it done in is five minutes. At most? An hour.

Next you’ve got the internet—keep in mind, both of these options are technological ones, and preclude going to an office and making an appointment. In any event: with the internet, you’ve got to log on, read through a variety of options, click this or that, put in your information, hit “send”, and ensure you get an email to know it worked.

How much time will the internet take? Well, again, it could take two minutes or half an hour. For one thing, you’ve got to have access to the internet. Also you must have access to a computer. You’ve got to click a mouse, squint at a screen, send an e-mail type things in, yadda yadda—two to thirty minutes is a likely spread.

Now let’s consider a mobile application designed for smartphone use. Firstly, most apps are designed to use touchscreen technology. This makes it so that most options will be check-marked, and typing will be at a minimum. Plus, a mobile smartphone can access the net anywhere.

Increasing Convenience

This means you can double down on your convenience. Instead of making a specific errand, you can multitask. The errand can be conducted while you drive and carry on a conversation at the same time. You can do it while you walk to work, and there are no “hold” times to keep you on the phone.

If you’ve got to make ten appointments in a week, using smartphone applications could save you between fifty minutes and ten hours, depending on the kind of appointments, where you are when you make them, when you can make them, etcetera. What’s more: with many apps you can even pay online.

This cuts down on the time it takes you to go to a given office, your appointment, and how long you must stay there afterward. So it’s easy to see why so many people are jumping aboard the “application” train from a managerial perspective. There is such convenience for customers, it’s a no-brainer.

As a matter of fact, it’s becoming a status quo kind of thing among small to medium sized businesses to have some kind of application for mobile tech. If you haven’t gotten onboard, you’re missing part of the market. A substantial part.

But additionally, maintaining your application isn’t something that can be done without effort. Even the most well-designed programs are going to have software difficulties which must be addressed, thus the beta-test. This will require logs. Parsing through logs can be complicated, and you’ll do best with previously designed solutions.

Monitoring Applications

To that end, according to Stackify.com, Azure application insights is: “Microsoft’s lightweight application monitoring service.” This helps you keep a bead on your applications and ensure they’re running at their peak capacity in a continuous way.

So develop an application, help clients achieve their dreams through giving them more time, (and through the transitive property, money) as regards the varying accoutrements which surround using your services. Then ensure everything works continuously through monitoring software designed to facilitate such ends.