3 Ways to Pick Yourself Up After Failing a College Exam


Failing an exam or an assignment can be a huge knock-down for college students. When the work is constantly flowing in, having to re-take something often puts a massive spanner in the works and messes up your plans.

However, that’s not all – failing an exam or university assignment can often lead to feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, especially if you’d worked hard and really tried your best to do well. But, don’t kick yourself – now is the time to take the opportunity to learn. Not only about the topic you’re re-taking, but also about yourself and what you need to really do well.

So, how do you pick yourself up when you feel like a failure at college? Here are our three top tips.

Tip #1. Take Extra Classes

Taking extra classes might seem impossible when you have a lot to do, but trying to make the time can certainly be worth it. Even if you can only commit to one extra hour at the weekend, taking advantage of online programs, extra classes held on-campus, or student-led seminars and study groups can seriously help you get up to scratch with the knowledge side of things. Failing an exam doesn’t mean failing in your career. Each of us faces this kind of dilemma in our student life. We have to get up after failing and try again. If you’re determined enough you may even pinpoint your weaknesses and turn it into strengths. You may choose a specific subject from Study.com’s college classes and focus on what you lack or take extra study courses from it.

In turn, you’ll begin to feel much more confident in your abilities, helping you to combat stress and nerves when it’s finally time to re-sit your exam.

Tip #2. Know Your Distractions

If you are taking an e-learning program such as this online MCE degree from Norwich University, then you may be having a hard time getting focussed on your work and dealing with distractions around the home. When you study online, failing an assignment or exam can be even worse as you can’t go and knock on your professor’s office door to discuss it.

But, what you can do is try and be more mindful of the various things that distract you. Some students find it helpful to make a playlist of music that helps them to focus and wear earbuds when studying. Or, you could find a local library or coffee shop to get out of the house (and away from Netflix) to study.

Tip #3. Contact Your Tutor

When you’ve failed an assignment or exam, the first thing you’ll want to know is where did you go wrong and what can you do to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. So, the best way to go about getting the answers to these questions is to get in touch with your tutor.

If you’re studying on-campus then you’ll probably already know exactly how to do this; students registered on an online MCE program will likely use email, telephone, or a web-chat service such as Skype. Even if you’re feeling embarrassed about the result, remember that your tutor is paid to help you improve your grades! So, be sure to ask them for advice on how you can change your approach to get the best results.

Failing an assignment or exam at college is an awful experience to go through, but it needn’t discourage you from continuing. With the right approach, you can learn a lot from a failure that will help you succeed in the future.