How to Switch Broadband and Save a Small Fortune

It can be very daunting to shop for broadband as there are so many providers and packages to choose from; with an assortment of centurylink internet plans on offer, variations in speed, data levels and add on’s available at your disposal, it’s difficult to know where to start. For those with businesses, for instance, it is critical to choose the best deal to influence the profit margins positively. If it is your first time changing broadband providers, below are a few details to look into beforehand.

Evaluate your Broadband needs

Before comparing the available broadband options in the market, understand what you need from a package for your everyday use to avoid paying for more than necessary. Check with your ISP to confirm your monthly usage. In fact, they could help you get aligned to the most appropriate package that might be cheaper than what you are currently using. Here is how to evaluate usage:

  • Light usage- if you depend on your internet to browse and send emails for about one hour, you are a light broadband user.
  • Average usage- if you stream videos, participate in online gaming, network online and are generally a fair internet user, you fall into this category.
  • Heavy usage– if you are constantly on the internet for gaming, downloading and streaming, you will need the highest quality package with unlimited usage.

It is, therefore, necessary to choose a package that caps the amount of data you can download each month. If the broadband is exposed to minor roles, it will be vital to pick a package with lower download speeds. You could also save a small fortune by bundling your home phone and broadband together with a TV package. Some contracts are harder to break away from, so you must read and understand them well. You may begin by trying a standalone broadband before upgrading to a bundled one to ensure the service levels are satisfying.

Understanding Speeds

Upload performance refers to the speed you send videos, pictures and content through the internet at. Alternatively, download performance is the speed it takes to receive information such as videos, emails and more. You can check both using online services like this. Understand that most ISPs have teams whose work is to make you stay. If you are considering switching your current provider for a better deal, you get a greater chance of earning yourself a lower price or incentives. As long as you have done enough research and found out what the competitors are doing, you can use the figures as leverage for a better deal from your current provider. If you still cannot secure a better deal, it is time to switch.

When it is time to change ISP, be ready to wait for about two weeks for the process to be completed. Normally, your current provider will try to convince you to stay before giving you the migration code. The providers you approach will also first do credit checks into your history to assess if you are a good payer. Given that ISPs have a minimum contract term, ensure you have met that requirement before attempting a switch. Otherwise, you would have to pay cancellation fees for early departure. Most providers will expect you to give a month’s notice. Once the move has been made, a BT engineer will locate your previous connection and switch it to the new provider. Before switching, consider reading the small print, think about the type of service you will be exposed to and know if there are any download limits, which could lead to extra charges in the monthly rate.

Watch out for Promotions

Most new broadband is introduced in the market with an incentive to entice new users. Understand the period of the promotion first and what you will be expected to pay once it expires. Many users forget that the packages they sign up for may become expensive after the period of the promotion. Also, sometimes customers face problems when trying to switch providers. If you experience challenges, you are free to write to the telecommunications ombudsman office to have your issue taken more seriously. Be sure to do log calls and the problems you are facing. Also, take screengrabs since they may stand in as your evidence.

Choosing the best broadband deal to save a small fortune can be a complex process, especially because there are many factors to give thought to before making the shift. However, if you give it enough thought and research, you can secure the most suitable broadband for your needs.