Is It Possible to Quit Drinking During the Holidays?

Cutting down on drinking or quitting altogether may seem impossible during the holidays. During holidays, there are parties happening more often, and everyone else seems to be enjoying a drink or two. Christmas and New Years are popular excuses to overindulge, and with everyone in a generous spirit, it seems someone is always refilling your glass.

However, there are ways to stop drinking for good, no matter what time of the year it is. If you feel that you are ready to make a change, the time of the year does not have to be a factor. With the right approach, you can conquer this at any time you want.

Holidays can be the Right Time to Stop Drinking

It is often easier to make excuses for drinking too much and acting irrationally around the holidays. Everyone else seems to be drinking more than usual and behaving oddly as it is customary during the season. Irrespective of whether others are drinking or not, the fact shouldn’t impact your behaviour, especially if you know deep down that you are ready to give up drinking for good. There will always be people who drink to excess and embarrass themselves at Christmas and New Year parties; however, you do not have to be one of them if you no longer want to. The process of stopping for good is not as hard as you may think it will be. Conventional methods of quitting often make the process harder than it has to be by relying solely on your willpower to get you through. Instead, changing your method of thinking about alcohol can help you feel relaxed and calm, even without having a drink.

Cutting Down Doesn’t Work

One common mistake people make is to try and cut down on alcohol consumption during the holidays. Truth to be told, cutting down never seems to work and only leaves you miserable. Gradually reducing the amount you drink can actually be easier than stopping altogether. The key is to change your mindset about drinking to make it easier to resist alcohol. Once you have made this switch in your mind, going without drinks at a holiday celebration can be easy, and even fun.

Don’t Avoid Holiday Gatherings

Another reason some people fail in their efforts is that they try to avoid temptation by not attending holiday events at all. This is not a practical approach as you can’t spend your entire life avoiding alcohol. Additionally, isolating yourself from family and friends will only make you want to drink more. Instead of avoiding the problem, changing the way you think about alcohol will make it easy for you to go to the usual celebrations and not be tempted to drink.

Some people are nervous about the physical symptoms that might strike when they stop drinking.

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