7 ways to improve your writing skills

Developing skills like public speaking is quite simple. Sometimes, people deliver great speeches in front of an audience once they overcome fear. Writing is a different thing altogether – improving writing skills is a bit trickier than public speaking.

A well-written paper will earn you good grade as a student. That is why many students hire a custom paper writer to deliver quality papers for their projects. Below are seven tips to help improve your writing skills.

1. Read more often

Reading is vital as you begin the journey to develop your writing skills. You have to read regularly and make notes when you come across words of interest to you. Reading blog posts alone is not enough – Read materials that are more challenging and check their sentence structure, vocabulary usage and other aspects you need to improve. Visit the best bookstore near you to find books by highly recognized authors so you can learn and emulate their style.

Also, be attentive to things like word choice, sentence structure and flow of any material you read. Remember you are not reading to please anyone but to develop yourself – so read with more seriousness.

2. Imitate professional writers you admire

Imitation does not mean you should plagiarise someone else’s work. It means to copy the writer’s style of writing. Read the writer’s work on a regular basis to learn something new that will improve your writing.

The person you are imitating should be an expert writer – one that delivers quality and nothing else. Search for an expert that can provide writing thesis help. You can read the expert’s work regularly and study his style of writing.

3. Plan your outline

No military personnel would dare to go to war without a proper plan. Writing without a plan is like swimming in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Before putting pen to paper, come up with a simple outline for the paper. The outline should contain what you plan on discussing in each section.

4. Abrogate unnecessary words

Try to use more of short sentences and avoid unnecessary words in your paper whether you are writing a blog post or an academic paper. You are writing for people who have things to do with their time. Your professor has tons of other student’s work to read and score – so does visitors to a blog.

Writing complex sentences will not make you sound authoritative. Learn to keep your words it simple and go straight to the point.

5. Learn to conduct research

In an academic paper, the more sources you site, the more authentic and convincing would be your paper. You can differentiate between a writer that conducted in-depth research and one with the intention to make up the word count.

Always conduct thorough research on any topic you were told to write on before you commence writing. Read materials online and visit the library for books if you are writing an academic paper. And lastly, have an excellent understanding of the topic before putting pen to paper.

6. Practice writing regularly

Just as people practice various instruments regularly to get better, the same thing applies to writing. As you write regularly, you will start improving. Your first draft might look discouraging, but things will improve as you continue practicing. You will be able to spot errors you were not paying attention to and the best way to structure your piece.

7. Be your own critic and edit ruthlessly

One way to improve your writing skills is to be your own mentor and edit your work personally. Do manual editing and use editing software later. Manual editing will make you spot errors and know how to improve your writing. You will also find editing software that not only edits but offer a useful suggestion that can help improve your writing.


Learning how to write is an interesting thing. With the right tips and information, anyone can become a good writer. However, adhering to these tips and advice will help you improve your writing. But you also have a part to play – and that is to practice consistently. Have it in your mind that you are learning a skill and would get better at it someday.