House Hacks To Make Your Space Shine


With summer on the way and your home perhaps in need of a sprucing up, what better way than to start thinking about bits of DIY you can do to help make it a fresh space. But where to begin? What if it’s a huge undertaking? Maybe you even have family changes happening that mean you need to do up the house a bit – such as an ageing parent coming to live with you. Regardless of why you want to get the house in better shape here are some easy ways you can get started without necessarily breaking the bank!

Install A Stairlift

For those who have ageing relatives coming to live with them, the installation of a stairlift can really help make the transition easier. For those who don’t think that a stairlift can be installed in their homes, these helpful inventions come in an array of sizes and shapes and you can even get a curved stairlift to fit any style of staircase. This can help even if you aren’t having ageing family come to live with you – if you have recently had a knee or hip operation or are struggling with mobility issues yourself, the installation of a stairlift can really make life easier and allow you to continue sleeping in your own bed.

DIY Flooring

Flooring doesn’t have to be hard and with place and click flooring even those without any decent DIY skills can create fantastic floors in no time. Tiling sounds like it can be difficult but can actually be fairly straightforward as well, so why not look into the benefits of doing up your floors for summer and see how you can benefit from a bit of a new look. Just keep in mind that finishes like tile, hardwood and sometimes linoleum can become very cold in the winter months and often keep a room feeling cool, so either have rugs on hand to cover the tiles in the winter or be sure to wear socks or slippers if you go with one of these finishes. The upside is that they all clean fairly easily, so it’s give and take when it comes to floors! It’s worth talking to any commercial flooring specialist about the requirements of your floor before putting it down.

A Lick Of Paint

You never realise just how much a lick of paint can spruce up a space until you do it. If you are thinking about giving your home a fresh new look, consider painting a feature wall in the main living spaces. Many people wallpaper a feature wall these days for added patterning that may be difficult to achieve with paint alone. Feature walls can be one solid colour against one wall or can be two perpendicular walls that meet in one corner to really give a space some depth and warmth. Colours are up to you, but for living spaces popular colours include taupe, sage and deep violet shades.

So if you’re looking for ways to get your house summer ready, hopefully these tips have given you a great starting point. With so many ways you can spruce up your spaces the sky is honestly the limit. So how will you get your home summer ready?