Here’s How To Make Car Travel With Dogs More Enjoyable

In most cases dogs are really eager and willing companions as you travel but that is not always the case. There are dogs that are renowned all around the world as car companions and dogs that will simply not want to get into the car in the first place. No matter the case, whether the dog is reluctant or really eager, you need to be sure you have the appropriate attitude and equipment in order to make the entire trip satisfying and safe.

What To Do Before Leaving

Way before you are going to hit the road you need to be 100% sure that you have absolutely all that is needed for the dog to stay healthy and happy. The items that you surely need to have with you include:

  • ID Tag, Collar And Lead– In the even the dog is lost or goes too far away, any ID form will help out a lot.
  • Baggies And Blankets– You should bring any special bedding your dog might need and have blankets with you if the weather is cold. They are also useful for offering warmth if the weather is cold. Waste disposal baggies are always necessary for when a rest stop comes.
  • Bowls, Water And Food– You have to be sure you have enough raw dog food and water. Bowls are quite obvious in this case. Make sure you do not change water and raw dog food to something that the dog is not used to. That will create some really unpleasant body reactions you do not want to deal with as you travel.
  • Older Washcloths – You need this to wipe the muddy paws or clean the dog whenever he gets unexpectedly dirty.

Restraints And Crates

There are many dogs that simply love being inside a car, those you often see with heads hanging out of windows. You are obviously tempted to let the dog do that but the truth is this is a pretty bad idea. You can have a dog that is a really happy traveler but he should not be allowed to freely roam inside the vehicle. It is bad for the dog if a small collision happens and can be quite distracting for the driver.

When dog size is not a factor that limits the decision, you can use dog crates for travel. Learn about suitable options and remember that materials count. Just as with dog house materials, you want crates that are made out of something that will not be potentially damaging for the dog. When crates are not suitable, you can opt for harnesses or barriers.

Plan Frequent Stops

Humans find it so much easier to be on the road for a really long time frame but the dog is not in that situation. You do not want to travel with a dog that is often contained and restrained since that will make him miserable. This is exactly why frequent stops have to be planned, just as when you travel with smaller children. When you often stop the dog will have some time to burn off energy and stretch properly.