Fashion and Style Aren’t What You Think

Sometimes fashion and style are two words used interchangeably. Fashion and style can be your own personal tastes or they can be whatever is trendy at the moment. We often think fashion is limited to just clothing and accessories but it’s really the whole package. Here is a quick breakdown on what fashion and style really embody.


Starting at the top of the body, no look is complete without fabulous hair. While short hair is trendy and lends its own sophistication, long locks are often what we desire. To achieve long locks when we have short hair, we can seek out a hair stylist for the tips and tricks to grow our hair. Or we can skip it all and use hair extensions, like LumiBloom extensions, to embrace long hairstyles. Another added benefit, we can switch from short to long whenever we want. Or we can increase the thickness of our hair. A visit to your hair stylist, armed with magazine pictures of your favourite looks, is a fantastic way to find ways to achieve similar looks on your budget! Remember you also have the options of hair accessories to add to your style. Adding fashionable tortoise shell hair clips to an outfit can complement your style but also increase versatility as they allow you to explore hundreds of different hair styles.


If you have a fabulous outfit and fabulous hair, you’ve got to complete the look with some equally fabulous makeup. If you struggle with makeup style and looks, take a visit to your local makeup counter and see if they offer some sort of mini-makeover and get some hands-on training on a good look for you. Companies like MAC and Sephora would rather teach you what works for your skin tone and how to apply it to keep you coming back, so use those tools! You can also watch any one of a million YouTube videos on makeup tutorials and reviews of makeup products. The possibilities are endless so embrace it. Enjoy the process. Makeup is supposed to be fun and gives you an artistic outlet.


It doesn’t matter what you wear or how gorgeous your hair and makeup is: if you aren’t feeling like a supermodel when you walk out the door, everyone will know! When we are confident, we stand taller. We walk straighter. We look at people in the eye when we have conversation.  Our smile is brighter and we have a sparkle in the eye. When you are in a bad mood, the anger flashes across your face. Your forehead is all scrunched up. When you are depressed, you slouch and your shoulders are slumped. Our bodies communicate so much about how we feel. Sometimes dressing in a fabulous outfit with fantastic hair and makeup on point is enough to make us feel prettier and more confident. Whatever it takes, get yourself to seeing just how beautiful you are, regardless of what you are wearing!

When you combine hair, makeup, attitude, clothes, and accessories, you are a force to be reckoned with. You tell the world that you are amazing and you expected to be treated as such. Choose items that you like and choose what makes you feel good. That is exactly what fashion and style are. Just because it’s on a runway doesn’t mean it’s meant for you, and that is okay. There are things out there that reflect who you are on the inside. Finding it is the fun part and you can find it all within your own budget!