Your best options for losing weight through sports – What are the most efficient sports for burning calories

Sports are an essential component of the machine that is weight loss. Many things will influence how much or how fast you will be able to lose weight. However, it’s known that engaging in sports will accelerate this process faster than most things. So what are the most efficient sports for accelerating weight loss? There are many to choose from, so whether you like solo missions like high energy boxing or team based sports like basketball, you will surely find something that will help you become a health hero. That being said, let’s begin and take a look at what sports are in this top.


Swimming is a highly efficient sport that will allow you to burn as much as 458 calories. To burn that amount you need no more than 30 minutes on the clock. That’s pretty impressive and it’s all thanks to the fact that your entire body is getting a workout, not just an individual part. Your cardiovascular system benefits tremendously from swimming. The other great thing about swimming is that you don’t need ay fancy equipment. All you need is a pool of water and perhaps some goggles if you are sensible to getting water in your eyes. Other than that, you are ready to start swimming.


Running is a highly overlook exercise by those that want to lose weight. It’s actually one of the most efficient sports in this sense because, just like swimming, it puts all your body in motion. When all your muscles are put to the test, you will burn a lot of calories. To be more precise, you can burn as much as 394 calories in the same amount of time of 30 minutes.  Just like swimming, there’s no equipment to be bought. If you have a comfortable pair of sneakers you have pretty much everything you need. You can go to the gym to run on the treadmill or do it at home if you have one. If not, nature is just as efficient. Start running in the park or take a hiking route where you have space to run.

Rock Climbing

With rock climbing, we start getting into the little more special exercises. Unlike running or swimming, you are going to need some equipment for rock climbing. Thankfully, there are specialized centers where you can practice rock climbing within a confined and secured location. Here, you have access to the equipment you need, so you don’t have to invest in equipment to use in the outdoors right away. As for how efficient it is, you can expect to burn 320 calories in the same amount of time (30 minutes).  It’s definitely a different experience if you have never done it before. You might even grow to like it a lot since it’s quite an adrenaline booster, the higher you get.


If you like team sports, basketball is one of the most demanding games out there. This is due to the relatively small court in relation to the kind of fast paced action happening on it. You can burn 345 calories in 30 minutes when playing a game of basketball. If you don’t play a regular match but instead decide to just play games that have you shooting hoops, you can still burn half that amount in 30 minutes. That’s a great way to lose weight since it’s so easy to have fun playing basketball.