10 Traits And Services Of Excellent Assisted Care Living Facilities

Are you nervous about transitioning into an assisted care facility? Here are 10 traits of assisted living centers with excellent services and reputations.

If you are seriously thinking about getting into an assisted living program, you probably have a lot of questions.

You undoubtedly want to make sure that you will be getting the best assisted care possible.

Knowing that you will be happy and well cared for will give you peace of mind.

If you have been wondering how you can know whether or not an assisted living facility is going to meet your needs, then you should read on.

The ten tips you are about to receive will provide you with invaluable information that will help you to make the right decision.

1. Just Like Home

An assisted living facility should make you feel like you are at home. This means that it should have an extremely clean and comfortable environment.

There should be paintings or other artwork on the walls and potted plants around, to make the place feel very much like a traditional home.

A dining room where you can socialize with others and eat should be a part of the facility. The dining experience should have a very home-like quality to it.

This means you should not have to eat out of paper plates or use plastic forks. There should be silverware available for you to use and porcelain plates as you would find in a regular home.

There should also be a common room where groups can gather together, play games and watch television. You want your assisted living facility to take community time seriously like Assured Assisted Living. Social interaction is very important for your health and happiness.

2. Freedom To Be You

An assisted living facility should not feel like a prison. You should have a high degree of freedom and autonomy.

Assisted living should live up to its name, meaning that as a resident you are allowed the freedom to do what you can by yourself and are assisted in the tasks which you cannot manage on your own.

The bottom line is that assisted care should offer a high level of respect for your personal choices and desires.

3. Amenities That Enhance Comfort

The assisted living facility that you choose should have a wellness center or gym.

There should be somewhere where you can go to find out more about how you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Your chosen assisted care facility should have a library with computers and other technological tools that you can use to keep your mind active.

If you like to keep up your appearance then you may also want to find a facility that has a hair salon or barber shop on the compound.

Even if some of the amenities mentioned are not available on the grounds of the facility. If it is close to these amenities then it may be a good choice for assisted care.

4. An Open Door Policy About Pets

Even if you don’t have pets yourself it says a lot about the facility’s drive to help residents feel comfortable, if they allow pets.

Pets are an important part of some people’s lives and if you fall into that category, you should not have to give up your pet. Choose a facility that respects your need to have your animal companion with you.

Find out if there are any pet coordinators available to provide pet care so that your pet can feel at home too.

5. Check Out The Menu

If you find a community that you think is suitable, don’t forget to check out the food because the serving of nutritious meals at this facility is one of the most important traits you should look out for.

Take a look at the daily menu to see if it suits your tastes and find out how it is adjusted to meet resident’s special dietary needs.

6. Your Privacy Should Be A Priority

No matter how much you enjoy socializing, at some point you are going to need your privacy.

This means that you will need to choose a facility has a comfortable suite or bedroom with amenities such as a bathroom and a kitchenette.

7. Transportation Services

You should find out how the facility caters to the transportation needs of its residents.

How much will you be able to go out?

How long are you allowed to stay out?

Are group outings provided?

How many staff members provide assistance on these outings?

All these questions are necessary because you need to find out how much mobility you will have at the facility.

8. Social Activities

Find out what social activities are available. Daily and nighttime activities that are fun should be a part of the everyday life in an assisted living facility.

Weekends should not be any less lively. A fun and active social scene in the facility will make life more interesting and ease your boredom.

9. Higher Levels Of Assisted Care

While you may not be in need of too much additional care when you enter a facility, there may come a time when you do.

It is good to find out how situations where a resident may need help with medications or special assistance to use the bathroom are handled.

Assisted care should be flexible and adaptable as residents health needs change due to age or illness.

You would not want to have gotten comfortable in a community, only to have to leave when your needs become more demanding.

10. Special Arrangements

If you have memory or dementia issues you may want to find out if special arrangements are put in place to assist you in staying healthy should your condition worsen.

For example, some assisted living facilities have Alzheimer’s memory care programs.

Another type of special arrangement you may want to find out about is whether or not you can bring your spouse with you. Some communities may allow it and some won’t.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best assisted living program for your needs can sometimes be challenging.

However, if you have a clear idea of what will make you comfortable it makes it easier to choose the right facility for you.

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