Your Next Big Adventure: Ethical Hunting Trips for 2018


Over 30% of people vacation in the same place every year, and while familiarity has its advantages, there’s nothing quite like trying something new for excitement and making memories. If you’re keen to get out in the wilderness and experience something different, a hunting vacation could be the choice for you. Many people feel that the technological revolution has distanced us from the natural world, making food a purchased commodity and dulling our ability to tune into the environment around us. Natural ecosystems are being marginalized and threatened, and while it might seem surprising, hunting – if practiced ethically – can actually help this.

The ethical dilemma

Hunting may seem anathema to helping wildlife, but in many cases it is a driving factor in conservation and responsible management practices. To keep ecosystems in balance and sustainable for the species which live there, management of the populations is sometimes necessary, but this can be costly and difficult to justify – and this is where hunting comes in. The payment of licences, guiding fees, and accommodation rates in reserves or parks helps to fund the conservation work, while keeping a correct balance of prey and predator animals in the area means the ecosystem will perpetuate.  When choosing your next hunting vacation, be sure to pick one which practices ethical hunting: justifiable, sustainable, and responsible management; and a safety-conscious approach.

Getting the gear

Making sure you have the right kit to make your trip a success if part of every hunt. Taking clothing suitable for the climate is really important, as you don’t want to be stalking for hours feeling too hot, cold, or wet. If you are a first timer or novice, then pick a company which can provide all the necessary gear; but for the more experienced it’s a great reason to choose a brand new rifle scope, decoy or pocket knife and put them to the test.

Picking your destination

There are a huge range of hunting trips to suit every taste and budget. For a real back-to-basics experience then a survival-style hunting trip in the Rocky Mountains with targets of elk and deer might be for you; but if you’re into luxury and a spice of danger then heading to Africa for a traditional big game safari could be the right choice.

Wherever you end up heading, research thoroughly beforehand the credentials of your outfitters or tour company, through checking with local professional hunting associations or conservation partners. Enjoying the thrill of the chase shouldn’t come at a price for the natural world.