Why Quitting Your Addiction Is The Only Option

Forming a new identity is key to redefining who you are. After all, who you want to be and who are right now are two different versions of yourself. If you think you are a smoker, even if you are trying to quit, chances of stopping are slim. However, if you change how you view yourself and your relationship to the said activity, you increase your odds of success. It doesn’t matter what kind of addiction you are struggling with; you have to come to terms with transforming your perception of self for long-term change.

In this post, we are diving into how to put an end to your addiction, once and for all. Whatever is holding your life back, it doesn’t have to. There are ways you can fight back, and get control over your behavior for good. Statistically, the most effective approach seems to be Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with a skilled psychologist, but if you know what to do, and the condition isn’t out of control completely, you may try to tackle it on your own. Whether you succeed or fail, know that real help is within a short reach.

It’s Hard, But It’s The Only Way Forward

Recognizing that you have a problem is paramount. It’s the first step forward, but it’s only going to take you so far. It is definitely a challenge, perhaps one of the biggest ones you can take in your life. When you realize how much it can affect your life, you will certainly want to quit. In most cases, the person didn’t suspect it would end up an addiction when they started. They may get surprised by the tight grip that’s holding them when they are trying to quit.

Because it’s your and yours only internal struggle, you are the only one who can make a true impact. And while help from doctors, family, and friends can definitely aid your pursuit of a new lifestyle, you are in charge. If you are wondering how on how to quit, know that you can. Many people each year struggle with addiction and those of them that decide to change their lives do so, but it takes time. Slow or fast, incrementally or cold turkey- know that it’s achievable and the proper goal for you.

It’s a complex problem, with many parts at play, which includes the whole biopsychosocial model for addiction. Thus, it requires a myriad of solutions as well, and it’s especially important to address each case individually. Each person has their own reasons for doing what they are doing, and they need to find their rationale for moving on. 

Modern Problems

A century ago, if you had to fulfill a certain need, you had to work much harder than today. In the 21st century, drugs, endless entertainment, and even gambling are at a distance of a few clicks on your smartphone. This makes it increasingly hard for you to resist the temptation- after all, you don’t even have to put much, if any, effort.

With the betting industry, especially during the pandemic, every possible action moved online. You don’t have to go to the bookie anymore to bet on your favorite sports team, and if you get an itch to play some poker- not even come up from your comfy chair at home. In less than a minute you can access millions of online games, more than you could ever manage at a casino.

The convenience of such indulgence makes it harder for the individual to put an end to it. A friend of mine from Qatar, who struggled badly during the lockdowns at home, shared his experience with me and I was blown away by what he had to go through. 

He found a lot of helpful information online, and after he read a post about how to stop gambling on a local website qatargambling.com, he finally decided to check himself in. After three months of rehab, he came clean and gained his life back. Give the article a shot, as the information on it applies to any kind of addiction, not just gambling.

Understanding The Conflict Within

When you start the journey of recoverer, your addicted part will fight back as well. You may experience internal arguments with yourself, constantly weighing in whether it’s worth it or not to cut down the behavior. But because you have already made that decision, you will have to pull through to your promise, despite the strongly rising urges to continue. This is why it’s highly important you come up with another coping mechanism before starting. Here is how to figure out what healthy options look like.