Why Beerus was the Best Dragon Ball Z Character

An Egyptian cat-humanoid with some of the strongest powers of any Dragon Ball Z character, Beerus is most definitely one of the coolest characters of the show. Usually found in Egyptian garb, Beerus shouldn’t be underestimated. He may be small, but he’s actually a God of Destruction whose goal is to destroy any planet that poses a threat to the universe’s balance. With immense strength and power, he can best most of the Dragon Ball Z lineup of characters. Here are a few reasons why he is the best character on Dragon Ball Z.

He’s been trained by the best

The first reason that Beerus is the coolest Dragon Ball Z character is the fact that he was trained by the best, Whis. We don’t know much about Whis, other than the fact that he is Beerus’ martial arts mentor. And though we have not seen the full extent of Whis powers, what we’ve seen so far shows that he has the potential to be the strongest in the series. This means that Beerus learned from the best. Not only is Whis extremely fast, but he can also reverse time. And in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, Beerus told Goku that he was the second strongest foe he’d ever faced. The first was undoubtedly Whis.

Goku’s never beaten him

Even in Super Saiyan Level 3, Goku is no match for Beerus. A destroyer of universes from Universe 7, Beerus has bested Goku on every occasion, though, Goku has gotten close to winning. After losing to Beerus in Level 3, Goku achieved the power of Super Saiyan God and faced Beerus again. Though he held out for some time, Goku still fell to the sphinx-humanoid God.

He’s got a powerful family

Aside from being a destroyer from his own universe, Beerus’ brother Champa is also an all-powerful being. The God of Destruction from Universe 6, Champa, like Beerus, has godly powers that allow him to destroy planets. He is constantly at odds with his twin brother and is described as much lazier. Beerus is clearly the more skilled and powerful sibling of this duo.

He’s feared by all in his universe

Being hundreds of millions of years old and capable of destroying entire planets, Beerus is feared by all of the gods and powerful beings present in his universe, including the Kais, the Supreme Kais, Golden Frieza, and Shenron. This is most likely due to his immense power and the fact that he has taken down numerous heavyweights in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Not only would a fusion of Goku and Vegeta not be able to defeat him, but he also was the one to seal the Old Kai in the Z sword. He has earned the fear of his peers.

He represents a real-world culture

Aside from the show, Beerus is clearly representative of Egyptian culture. Alone from the god-like strength and supernatural abilities, Beerus is literally formed as the most feared creature from ancient Egyptian culture: cats. The Egyptians worshipped and revered felines, creating laws to punish any who harmed cats. This was because some of the most powerful gods in ancient Egypt were or came in the form of cats. Now wonder Beerus was such an awesome character: he was based on real-world examples.

Though he’s a bad guy, he’s super likable

Beerus was first introduced into the Dragon Ball Z universe in Battle of the Gods, and though he was posited as the main antagonist, he grew to be incredibly likable over the course of the film. Not only is he tough and feared by some of the strongest characters in the series, like the eternal dragons Shenron and Frieza. Though he has a short fuse, he is overall polite and isn’t as malicious as past Dragon Ball Z villains. (And if that’s not good anime, we don’t know what is!)