What Skills Do You Need To Be a Leader


Having leadership skills can help you in all aspects of life and in the workplace you can achieve a far higher position if you can show leadership potential, no matter which type of industry or service you enter in to. Some people like my friend and Sun Capital CEO Marc J Leder are simply born with the skills to lead, it comes so naturally to them and they are the envy of many.

For many of us who aren’t naturally blessed with these cores qualities to make us great leaders we can complete as MBA organizational management and also work extremely hard on honing our characteristics to be more in line with those of a leader. So let’s say that you want to improve your leadership skills, what are the exact qualities that can make someone a great leader?


Delegation is a skill which all leaders require, it is about assigning the right people to the right tasks in order to make a project run smoothly and successfully. Many people however,  think that leadership is all about delegation, about palming everything off to an assistant or member of staff but this isn’t the case. Great leadership is about knowing what to delegate and when to delegate as much as it is about who to delegate to.

Confidence and Belief

Great leaders have the confidence in their own success and the belief in their abilities, there is not a leader on this planet who lacks confidence and in order to head up a team, you need to be strong in both confidence and belief. If you lack confidence as a leader then you will display a sign of weakness, this lack of confidence can be felt throughout a team and it will damage what you are trying to achieve.


Being a leader is about acting as an example to your team and as such one of the key strengths that you will need is a consistently positive attitude. This positivity can be felt throughout the team and even if things are not going well or not going to plan, you are the one that they will look to in order to amiantus a positive spirit. This doesn’t mean that you should simulate positivity when you don’t feel it, it is about being the eternal optimist and whilst you will be a realistic person, you will be quietly confident that things will improve in no time at all.


One of your chief roles as a leader is the ability to inspire and motivate others, in order to do this you need to be able to understand how different people operate and how you can use their strengths and their weaknesses to get the most out of them. The first step is to be highly motivated yourself, once again we come back to setting an example, motivation is infectious and your team will feel more upbeat and have far more of a can do attitude if they see that their leader has one too.