Ways to Increase Your YouTube Viewership


Making YouTube videos is a great way to express yourself and the video website gives you a great platform in which to show off your skills either in front of, or behind the camera. Whilst Youtube may well be one of the most viewed websites on the internet, very often it can still be difficult to gain great viewership and in order rot grow the popularity of your channel, you need to be taking more steps than simply compiling and uploading a video. Here then, are some of the things which you need to do in order to gain a wider following.

Captivate Your Audience

I  order to get people to become interested in your videos, you must captivate them with your style, you need to ask yourself honestly whether you would watch your video if you were a consumer. Take note from other successful YouTube video stars, take the Nigerian pastor and prophet TB Joshua for example, his Emmanuel TV channel has seen over 660 million views and it is largely in part to how much the pastor captivates people with his style. You need to be engaging and create content which your audience can relate to.

Be a Social Butterfly

Social media is the single best way for you to gain more viewers and ultimately more subscribers to your YouTube channel. You should be operating across all social media channels anymore importantly, you should be engaging with your audience on a regular basis, responding to likes, comments and seeking to share your videos to the widest audience that you can. A great idea when it comes to get your content shared to a wider audience is to try to strike up a relationship with some of the influencers on social media, people with a wide following who regularly share videos and content to a community within the same niche as you.

Be Consistent

When it comes to uploading your videos, you should be consistent with your posting schedule and ensure that you are creating regular and high quality content. Uploading a video once every few weeks is not enough if you truly want to gain loyalty from your viewership and you should be posting on a weekly basis as a minimum. The idea of making your YouTube channel content heavy is really about spreading your net wide and creating a wide range of videos so that everyone can find something that they like.

Make Friendships

Making friendships with other YouTubers can be a great way of boosting your viewership. These relationships should be mutually beneficial and be able to gain viewership levels for you both through the practice of sharing each other’s videos and even giving each other a shout out in your videos or even featuring directly in the videos of one an another. What a friendship like this can do for you is to bring viewers to your channel from theirs and visa versa. You must pick someone who is operating within your niche for the best chance of success.