What disorders is marijuana used to treat?

The medicinal usage of marijuana and compounds found in cannabis is having a profound impact on those suffering from disease and chronic conditions across the globe. This evidence of success is also having an impact on political views of marijuana and the stigma that still surrounds the plant. As more and more regions of the world legalise marijuana for recreational and/or medicinal use, knowing what disorders marijuana can help combat is essential to see if use of the plant can help you. Here we list a number of disorders that marijuana can help to treat, if you are thinking of buying marijuana to help combat a disorder, buy marijuana seeds online to gain access to a replenishing supply that you can use over a long period to help reduce debilitating symptoms.


One of marijuana’s most known side effects is the increase of appetite. For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, this can help them gain nutrition and keep down food. Marijuana also helps with the chronic pain and nausea that chemotherapy is associated with. There is also some evidence to suggest that marijuana usage can help to reduce the speed in growth of some cancers.


HIV patients suffer from some of the same debilitating symptoms that cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy endure. Marijuana helps these patients in the same way: reducing nausea and pain, as well as increasing appetite.


People with neuropathy experience pain, numbness, weakness and a failure of body functionality. Marijuana use has been seen to reduce symptoms of the disorder whilst offering an effective alternative to those not responding to conventional treatment.


Use of the cannabinoid cannabinol (CBD) has been shown to drastically reduce the number of seizures that some epilepsy patients encounter.

Multiple Sclerosis

Medical use of marijuana has reduced the symptoms of multiple sclerosis for patients. This includes reductions in spasms, pain, insomnia and loss of body functions.

Chron’s disease

Marijuana has been able to reduce the chronic pain that people with Chron’s disease suffer.

Parkinson’s disease

The use of marijuana has been seen to reduce the ‘shaking’ or ‘tremors’ that are related to the disease.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is the best example of marijuana’s ability to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain affects a large proportion of people at some point in their life. Using marijuana can help to reduce this and allow people to increase their quality of life.

Marijuana is now used to treat a wide range of disorders. The list here is not comprehensive but goes over some of the major disorders that marijuana can help to cope with. Marijuana has been seen to be effective in its managing of debilitating symptoms, and therefore will be a crucial medicine for many disorders in the future.