Understanding RO and How It Keeps You Healthy

Do you know what Reverse Osmosis (RO) is? It is a process that removes contaminants from water by treating the water with high pressure via a semi-permeable membrane.

Firstly, reverse osmosis water purifiers remove a large amount of contaminants from water and prevent waterborne diseases. The carbon filter in RO purifiers removes chloramines and chlorine from tap water. This enhances the taste and odour of the water you drink.

How Does RO Work?

RO works with the help of a high-pressure pump, which increases pressure on one side of the RO purifier and it forces the water to pass through this RO membrane, thereby leaving the salts behind. If the water contains a high concentration of salts and impurities, more osmotic pressure needs to be applied. Cross flow filtration is done in reverse osmosis during which process the contaminants are swept off and the membrane surface is kept clean.

As mentioned earlier, Reverse Osmosis removes bacteria, pyrogens and viruses. This method of purification is very much useful for treating brackish, ground and surface level water.

Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

Discussed below are the benefits of drinking RO water:

Treats Hard Water

The tap water available at many homes and offices is hard water. You cannot use it directly for drinking purpose. This is where RO purifiers act as the best solution for treating hard water. They filter out the high concentration of calcium and magnesium in the hard water, which is responsible for causing anaemia and brain damage.

Reduces the Use of Bottled Water

Whenever you don’t like the taste of tap water or if you are not sure about the purity level of the tap water at your home or office, the chances of consuming bottled water is very high. When you consume water stored in plastic bottles, this often adds up the chemical wastes (which cannot be seen through naked eye). More often, these plastic bottles are not recycled. In short, bottled water is another form of tap water, which isn’t as pure as you think it is. Having an RO purifier at your home or office would fill your needs and keeps you healthy.

Helps You Prepare Healthy Food

In case you are using municipal tap water for cooking purpose, it has a high concentration of chlorine. This degrades the taste of food and also kills minerals present in vegetables. This might account to 60-70% magnesium and calcium loss, 86% loss of cobalt, 60% of copper in vegetables, meat and fruits. In fact, it is chemically proved that chlorination doesn’t wipe off bacteria completely. Instead, more microorganisms become dormant in presence of chlorine. So, if you are using RO water for cooking, it helps to enhance the taste of food.

Filters Cryptosporidium

According to CDS, reverse osmosis water doesn’t contain cryptosporidium parasite, which is found in contaminated water. This parasite is known for causing problems in the small and large intestines, fever, stomach cramps in and diarrhoea. Malnutrition and dehydration takes place when children get injected by this parasite.

Now that you know what RO is and how beneficial it is, it’s time to get it installed at your home. This way, you can gain from its innumerable health advantages and ensure the safety of your family members as well.