Dash Cam Recordings – What Will You Catch


We’ve all been in a situation where we wish we had a recording of the event to prove our innocence or the other person’s idiocy. Driving is one of those times where you can never fully trust anyone on the road and can only rely on yourself and your own abilities to handle challenges and situations as they occur. A number of issues can arise from people who don’t take personal responsibility on the road and it’s a huge danger to responsible drivers which means having a dash cam is a great idea to protect yourself and prove your innocence. Here are some other huge benefits to having car DVRs in your vehicle.

First – What IS A DVR?

A DVR is essentially a small camera mounted to your dashboard or around your rear view mirror that records incidents in the road such as people slamming on breaks in an effort to force you to hit them (insurance fraud) or other accidents. Ranging in price, they have long battery charges and can record almost anything. In fact, many videos of the meteor in Russia in 2013 were captured on people’s dash cameras, so it can pick up more than just heinous driving habits.

Insurance Help

In 2015 many insurance companies released a statement that they would now accept dashcam footage as evidence in claims which helped the sale of DVRs increase exponentially. Not only this, but many insurance companies likewise have begun offering insurance discounts for those who purchase DVRs for their cars. The use and presence of a DVR can help make insurance claims simpler and faster to go through, and so a discount is a great way for companies to help promote their use.

Protection Of Self

Have you experienced road rage from another driver? Dash cams can help protect you from potential issues with road rage or aggressive driving from other people on the road. The presence of a camera alone can help ragers calm down. After all, no one wants to get caught on camera doing something that could warrant them a stiff ticket, or worse yet, land them in jail. In this sense, dash cams have helped people around the world with problems with others in the sense that recorded evidence can be used in court to prove one party guilty of the alleged offense.

Protection Of Car And Property

Do the kids want to borrow the car? Or maybe you don’t have space in the garage because the in laws are visiting and you need to park on the street or in the driveway. Untoward activities can happen even right on the drive, so dash cams can help record incidents of vandalism or theft. There have even been cases where they have recorded burglaries of both the owners home and homes in the neighbourhood. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect investment?

So if you’re looking for something to help protect your car, your home, yourself and maybe even lessen those insurance payments, why not consider purchasing a DVR or dash cam. With so many uses you will wonder how you got by without one before!