Top Places in the Home for Casement Windows

You need to know the things you need your windows to do in order to pick the best ones for your home. Think function first, style second. There’s one unique style of window, the casement window, that offers a lot of benefits for those looking for window replacements. These are windows that have a hand crank that makes the window open outward on an angle from the home. Thinking of using this style for your window replacement project? Here are some places around the home where they work best.

Wherever You Want a Good Breeze

As you consider new windows, are you wondering what are casement windows and what are their benefits? Casement windows are especially safe, efficient, and excellent for ventilating and improving air quality. They provide great ventilation for your home. The way that they open outwards means that they’re great at directing air flow into your home. What’s more, you can control the ventilation depending on how you angle your window.

To Complement a Bay or Picture Window

Bay windows add a lot to a home in terms of natural light and offering a lovely view. In a bay window, the middle pane is an inoperable window and the two side windowpanes are functional. For your living room, add casement windows to the side of a bay window to get that window functionality on top of the good looks of a picture window. Having the window screen on the inside makes it easy to clean, making your living space a fresh and bright space to spend time.

Are There Downsides to Casement Windows?

Earlier we mentioned how important it is to base your window replacements decisions on functionality. Casement windows have many benefits thanks to their unique style, but they might not be perfect for every situation. One of the drawbacks of the casement window is that the crank system for opening and closing creates more opportunity for things to break or malfunction.

Without knowing it, you could find yourself with a broken handle, frozen gears, or rust. Casement windows, when working properly, can be super easy to open and close. A double-hung window that you lift to open won’t always be the easiest to open, but its simple operation makes it easy to repair. The same goes for slider windows, which have even fewer mechanical components involved in its operation.

Superior Safety and Security

Only you know what you need your windows to do. A consultation with a skilled and qualified window and door installer from a reputable manufacturer and retailer is also essential in assessing your home’s layout and needs. One great thing about casement windows is that they offer excellent security for you and your family.

They’re especially difficult to break into because of their hook-shaped locks, and these locks can’t be accessed by any intruder since they are part of the window frame itself. This makes them great for bedroom windows and first floor windows, or any place in the home where you want to prioritize safety. For your upcoming home improvement, make casement windows a part of your renovation. The benefits are impossible to ignore.