Tips to Choose the Best E-Commerce SEO Company

Running an e-commerce business is an exciting endeavor. You must have spent a lot of time fine-tuning your products, building your e-commerce website, and defining the user experience.

Now, once your e-commerce website is live, you need to focus on driving traffic to it. According to Safari SEO Melbourne, search engine optimisation is the key ingredient that separates a successful online e-commerce platform from one that folds within the first 12-months. You don’t have to look any further than multinational online ecommerce brand ASOS whose SEO blunder in 2018 caused the company revenue to drop from £29.9 million in their August 2018 report to £4 in the recent February 2019.

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Many businesses with an online presence don’t know how to promote their business and find a reputable e-commerce SEO company. So, how do you pick the most appropriate SEO partner for your brand promotion in the digital landscape?

Below are some of the things to keep in mind when researching and interviewing your next marketing partner.

How to Choose an E-Commerce SEO Company

Avoid the Obvious Pitfalls

When you’re not intimately familiar with something, it’s easy to get influenced into thinking someone is an expert. Anyone can create a notion in your mind of being an SEO expert by utilizing some SEO lingo and throwing together a respectable website. Here are some signs to spot an impostor:

  • Short History: SEO agencies that have been in business for less than 2 years could be a red flag. Maybe you’re getting a good deal, but you may also be the guinea pig for someone’s experiment. If you get a good vibe from such an e-commerce SEO company, make sure you ask them questions like,
    • How long have you beenworking with e-commerce businesses?
    • Would you mind providing some client references?
    • Do you have any case studies to get an idea of your results?
  • Cold Calls: Blindly calling potential clients without any background information may represent that an agency values quantity over quality. Avoid interacting with such agencies that get in touch with you without a formal introduction.
  • Poor SEO or Website Design: Lazy site design is a good sign to detect poor SEO agencies. As they design a website to take advantage of e-commerce businesses seeking quick and affordable help, the SEO agency that claims to be an expert should have a spotless SEO ranking. Check their ranking on Google before hiring them.

Take a Look at Their Team

Ecommerce websites are quite complex. The strategies needed to boost your website traffic are not as simple as you think. They include several factors from the different products to conversion rate optimization and schema markup.

This simply means that the person or the team working on your website needs to be advanced and creative. You can ask the agency about the team they would be allotted to your SEO campaigns.

If possible, check if you can meet the team member during the interview phase, so you get an idea of their communication style, expertise, and creativity.

Reviews and Rewards

Online reviews and important awards in digital marketing are not easy to achieve. There is unending competition in the market, and numerous e-commerce SEO agencies are competing in the market. So, choose wisely.

If an agency you’re interviewing has received an award for its services, you can trust them. It shows their reputation in the market and the quality of the service they’ve provided to their clients.

SEO is most effective when rooted in your company’s marketing DNA. Hire an SEO agency with the same intent as choosing a business partner or hiring an employee.

You should look for proper experience and interview each option, get a list of references, call them personally to understand that your objectives and what the e-commerce SEO Company can accomplish are aligned.