Things You Didn’t Know about a Perfect Trade Show Booth

The big day is finally here. Today you get to interact with your customers face to face and market your product or service.

Don’t forget in trade shows many competitors will be present. It would be a shame if you lost some of your customers to competition.

Your booth needs to be one of a kind and attract as many people as possible. Importantly, it should pass as much information as well. Don’t let décor interfere with your intended purpose.

This process can be very daunting.

That’s why you need a professional like ExpoMarketing to help you with the process. We pride ourselves with many years of experience in designing world-class booths for both small and large businesses.

Customization is our middle name. We understand that different trade shows require different levels of detail and that is what we give to our clients.

Our unparalleled commitment to ensuring your trade show display is a success is remarkable.

With that in mind, here are tips of making a killer trade show booth.

Locations Really Matter

Have you ever wondered why in most trade shows, prime locations come at an extra charge? Your location will really dictate how many people will see the booth.

Of course, a business booth located at the entrance will attract more people than those situated on the far end.

Importantly, you should bear in mind, prime locations sell out fast. In the next trade show display, you should consider booking in advance to avoid last minute frustrations.

Always remember you can’t make money without spending money.

Never Underestimate Appearances

People are more attracted to brighter colors than dull ones. This factor makes all the difference between the booths that they walk by and those they want to stick around.

Therefore, when designing your trade show booth, you must make it as colorful as possible. The light must be optimum and you should ensure the signs are clear.

At ExpoMarketing we are more than ready to help.

Is your Booth Approachable?

Have you ever approached a very colorful and well-designed booth only to be met by glum faces? This can completely put you off.

That’s why your attendees should welcome the audience with smiling faces and give direction accordingly. You should make sure they have good communication skills and are able to engage your audience.

This makes your booth the focal point of the exhibition.

Promotions and treats Always Does the Trick

People like free things. Integrate promotions and gifts if you want to attract large crowds.

Offering a simple snack or drink is always a great plus. Remember, any incentive you provide to your audience, should come with your company’s brand and if possible contact information.

Create Experiences


Plain explanations are boring. Using animation and motion graphics can make the process of passing the information more fun and can attract more audience.

Engage your audience in demonstrations and use a more direct approach. People tend to remember things they did than those they heard.

The most important thing to remember, if you intend to demonstrate is to test your equipment prior to the event. You don’t want a scene where they fail during the process.

A good trade show display is as good as the exhibitor. Contact ExpoMarketing and you will never regret the decision.