7 Signs That a Customer is Satisfied With the Service

Are your customers happy with your services? It can feel challenging, but there are a few key metrics you can look at to see how your customers respond to their interactions with you.

For example, some customers will make it obvious with a five-star review or a raving testimonials. In other cases, they may offer more subtle hints about their satisfaction with your brand.

In this guide, we’ll review 7 signs you can look for to see if your customers are satisfied with your services. When you know how your customers feel about your company, it can help you change your practices for the better. By looking for these signs, you can get a better understanding of how your customers really feel after purchasing your services.

Sign #1: Your Customers Come Back

If you have a lot of repeat customers that means your brand is doing something right.

Think about it: how often do you make repeat purchases from a company that you don’t like?

Usually, a bad interaction with the company will make a person less likely to use their services in the future. If your customers are coming back for your services after their first purchase, they’re telling you they’re satisfied with what they received.

Pay attention to which customers come back to your brand for repeat purchases. If repeat buyers suddenly stop returning, reach out and learn more about why – you may gain valuable insights into your company.

Sign #2: They Write Positive Reviews and Leave Testimonials

This is perhaps the most obvious way customers let you know they are satisfied with your services, but following up with any outstandingly positive or negative review can be beneficial for you as a brand.

If a person is incredibly happy with your services, reaching out and asking why can help you learn more about what you’re doing right. Conversely, reaching out to users reporting negative experiences is an excellent way to find areas where you can improve.

While reviews and testimonials are the most valuable form of customer feedback, they can be challenging to obtain without the right strategy. Many times, customers will not leave reviews unless they’ve had an extraordinarily positive or negative experience. To encourage more customers to review your brand, offer incentives or follow up with reminder emails after you’ve delivered your services.

Sign #3: They Ask for a Loyalty Card

It’s common for customers to ask about your loyalty programs if they plan to come back in the future. Many times, this gesture is their way of saying “I plan to return.”

If you don’t explicitly offer or advertise a loyalty card (or a punch card) and customer asks for it, take this as positive feedback. Consider asking them what they like about your brand and use that to your advantage.

Sign #4: They Recommend You to Their Friends

Word of mouth is one of the most valuable ways to earn brand awareness. Leads are more likely to buy your products or services if someone they trust personally recommends it. For many people, a positive recommendation from a friend will influence their decision much more than the brand’s advertisements.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, pay attention to which customers bring in people they know. By introducing their friends and family to your brand, they are saying they trust you prefer your services over your competitors.

Online stores should pay attention to which customers refer others using their personal referral codes. Many companies use these to generate new business, and it can be a helpful way to see which customers are the most satisfied with your brand.

Sign #5: They Downloaded Your App

Picture this scenario: you walk into a new restaurant. You’ve never eaten there before, but you enjoy the food and the service. While you’re there, you see an advertisement with the restaurant’s mobile app, offering a free drink if you download it.

You didn’t know the app existed before you tried the restaurant, but you enjoy the food so much you like the idea of coming back. You downloaded the app to claim your free drinks and redeemed it the following day.

If your customers are downloading your app, there feeling some level of satisfaction with your brand. Oftentimes, customers download a company’s mobile app after they’ve had a positive interaction with them. By checking your mobile downloads, you can see how many people intend to patronize you again from those who are using the app.

Sign #6: They Stay Subscribed to Your Email List

If a customer is unhappy with your services, there more likely to unsubscribe from your email list. If they stay subscribed after interacting with your company, you can take that as a sign they are satisfied with your brand.

On the other hand, losing subscribers will tell you a lot about customer satisfaction. If a person unsubscribed from your list, you may be doing something wrong with your email campaign. Consider posting a quick survey for unsubscribers to find out why they no longer want your emails.

Sign #7: They Advocate for You on Social Media

Similarly to #4 above where we discussed how personal recommendations are one of the most obvious ways customers show satisfaction, advocating for your brand on social media is an equally important way to spread brand awareness.

If your customers are saying remarkable things about your brand on social media, they’re putting their own reputation on the line. They’re telling their friends and their followers that they enjoyed the interaction they had with your brand, which could reflect positively or negatively on them depending on your interactions with their referred customers.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how your customers feel about your services is crucial to your success. You can use their reviews and testimonials to learn more about what you’re doing right (and where you can improve) so you can provide better customer satisfaction overall.

With ScoutMI Australia, you can give your customers the voice they deserve. Using our services, you can implement a better customer experience that will boost your brand’s satisfaction rates and minimize customer churn.