How cold sores can be treated in the primitive stages

Cold sores are referred to as fever blisters tend to be small fluid ulcers which appear in the region of the mouth and even around the lips. They are going to last for a week or so leading to further embarrassment. Cold sore in pregnancy is not something that is not heard off.

For the last few years’ cold sores had to run their course whereby pain was caused for a few weeks that extended to months. But in modern times there are effective ways to shorten their appearance or totally make it disappear in the face of someone. The best course of action when it comes to the treatment of cold sore is to attack it before you can see it even. This paves way for the right use of medication which means you can tap it before you even see it. People who are susceptible to cold sores need to understand the reasons behind the triggers of cold sores. As they work out to be highly contagious you need to be aware on how you can spread it from heading over to others.

Remedies at the early stages

You cannot avoid cold sores at all times, but you can try to treat them as soon as it is possible at your end. Treatment in the earlier stage can lead to a small pore that can be treated in a quick manner. This could mean that the cold sores can be stopped in the tracks whereby they might not even emerge.

Most people who suffer from cold sore and pregnancy feel it before it even goes on to appear. So watch out for signs before it even goes on appearing. The burning or itching could be felt for several hours at a single go. This is an ideal time where you can start off with the treatment of the cold sore.

Keeping anti -viral medications at the back of your mind

People who are suffering from cold sores would want the proper medications so that they can treat cold sores at the earliest. These medicines work excellent results on antivirals and this goes on to stop a virus from replicating. This means that it prevents the cold sore from developing as it is going to reduce the size and even the healing time associated with it.

This anti-viral medicine can be tolerated by most people. But at the same time all of them should not go on to take anti-viral. You need to discuss the risks and benefits with a doctor. People would like to have a prescription ready at their hand and would not like to wait for the next cold sore to appear before they are planning to ask for one. In this manner the medication can be started as soon as the symptoms begin to appear. These medicines tend to work effectively when you apply it as early as possible.

To sum it up, due to the embarrassing situation of a cold sore, people commit the folly of trying to get rid of it on an overnight basis.