The Lessons Healthcare Professionals Can Learn from the Hotel Trade

While there aren’t many hospitals or health practices that resemble the Ritz, there are still many healthcare professionals out there that try to provide the same level of professionalism and an excellent service. Obviously, the industries are completely different and provide a service with a different purpose, but there is some crossover.

A Warm Welcome Is Key

We all know how hard it is to walk into a physician’s office. We don’t know what to expect and we’re often nervous about the whole experience. Physicians and other healthcare professionals now make it their priority to provide a warm welcome to their “customers” to help make them feel at home, and that’s one of the main reasons why top hotels like the Ritz are popular – because their employees know how to provide a warm welcome.

A Service Catered to the Needs of the Patient

Maids, bellhops, waitresses, receptionists and the many other employees of the Ritz make it their priority to serve the customer as best as they can. The needs of the customer or patient are especially important to the business or hospital.

They both cannot afford to make their customers unhappy, otherwise, they’re going to be the subject of several complaints. The same goes for the hotel as it does for the hospital; complaints and bad reviews aren’t going to do the business any justice. There are, of course, those patients that don’t have a choice where they get medical help with their injuries requiring emergency help. However, there are other patients that have a choice.

A Clean Working Environment

Not all hotels are spick and span, but the popular ones don’t have a speck of dust lying around anywhere, and that’s what makes them top of the game and strong competitors in the hospitality industry.

A clean working environment is a priority for both employees and customers. Hospitals are now trying their hardest to provide a much better service in terms of cleanliness and service to their patients. Hygiene is especially important in hospitals these days because of the many viruses and illnesses that are easily spreadable, so a clean environment is always a happy one.

The Right Attitude

Not all hotel employees have the right attitude. However, the top hotels ensure their employees are happy with their working environments and thus have a much better working attitude. This helps rub off on their customers and it means their customers are going to be happy with their stay.

Healthcare professionals can learn to be the same within their working environment. Having the right attitude in front of patients is key to making them feel at ease for whatever reason they’re in hospital in the first place.

There are many lessons that healthcare professionals can learn from the hospitality trade. If you’re at The George Washington University looking to obtain your Healthcare MBA by using one of their healthcare MBA online programs, be sure to have a look at some of the lessons you can learn from hotel professionals, you’ll find your career will be a much bigger success because of it.

As we can see, healthcare professionals can still learn a lot from the hospitality industry.