The Impressive Benefits of CBD for Cats

In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has grown into a prominent method of treating various human ailments. For those suffering from anxiety or chronic aches, CBD became a reliable medicine to offer them relief.

While many people talk about CBD and other cannabis-based treatments, many fewer know that CBD has several benefits for cats. Cats struggle with several of the same ailments as their human owners.

Just as with humans, CBD for cats can help to treat these issues. This treatment is particularly helpful for older cats, who often develop issues like arthritis and loss of appetite.

If you’re a cat owner, then you want your furry friend to live as happy and long a life as possible. If you’re wondering whether CBD can help, then look no further! We’ll break down five health benefits that CBD offers cats.

1. CBD for Cats Treats Stress and Anxiety

One of the more well-known benefits of CBD is its ability to help manage stress and anxiety. Anxiety comes as a result of issues with your body’s serotonin. This chemical regulates mood and is an essential contributor to feelings of happiness.

Serotonin is just as critical for cats. When your cat’s serotonin receptors can’t receive the necessary serotonin, it leads to anxiety. So, how does CBD help with this? CBD binds itself to the receptors in the brain and allows the serotonin to make its way to the brain.

In this way, CBD deals with the anxiety and stress your cat experiences. However, anxiety doesn’t happen at random. In most cases, certain events prompt your cat to feel more anxious.

One of the most common causes of anxiety for cats is a change of environment. If you’ve recently moved homes, your cat is probably feeling just as anxious as you are about the move.

Another source of anxiety is a conflict between themselves and another cat. If you’ve just brought a new cat into the home, your old friend will probably struggle with the transition for a few days or even weeks.

During these times, CBD can be a tremendous help. It can keep your cat’s mood regulated and ward off health problems caused by excess stress. If you need a way to give them this medication discreetly, it’s easy to learn how to make CBD cat treats at home.

2. Maintaining a Healthy Appetite

Animals have a reputation for loving to eat, and cats are no exception. While they may not have quite the same voracious appetites as dogs, it’s normal for cats to eat regularly throughout the day.

However, cats can lose their appetites for a variety of reasons. If your cat isn’t feeling well, perhaps because they’ve thrown up a few times that day, it’s common for them not to eat.

Another cause of appetite loss is often dental issues. Many cats don’t have the luxury of regular dental cleanings and check-ups, so as they get older, their teeth develop problems. These dental issues often make hard food difficult on their teeth.

Lastly, anxiety can result in a cat losing its appetite as a human might. Whatever the case, you should try and discover the root of the problem. However, CBD can help to reignite your cat’s appetite until you can treat the issue properly.

3. CBD Helps Regulate Cat Moods

Cats get into bad moods for all sorts of reasons. But, if it lasts for a prolonged period, it could be a physical problem. A cat’s body may have difficulty regulating its hormonal levels, resulting in fluctuating moods.

If you experience this in your feline friend, it may be time to investigate CBD products to help regulate their mood. If the issue is hormonal, CBD can solve the root of the problem by regulating their hormones.

4. Easing Arthritic Pain

Dogs aren’t the only pets to develop arthritis as they get older. In fact, it seems that cats are just as likely, if not more likely, to develop arthritis and other joint problems.

Joint issues are especially tough on cats since they often rely on jumping to higher surfaces to eat their food or snuggle with their human owners.

If you’re unsure whether your cat suffers from arthritis, there are several symptoms to watch for. As mentioned above, if you notice they have difficulty jumping, this could be a sign of arthritis. Other signs include a lack of energy or constant indications of pain.

Aging is inevitable for cats, but you can limit suffering. Various types of CBD medications help to treat arthritis. One way they accomplish this is by desensitizing receptors in the brain that trigger feelings of pain.

This way, your cat will feel a lower level of pain, even if inflammation continues. However, CBD also possesses effective anti-inflammation characteristics. These characteristics enable the medication to reduce inflammation and limit its further spreading.

It’s painful to watch your animals suffer constant pain; if you’re wondering whether CBD can help, consult your vet today.

5. Reduce Likelihood of Seizures

Many people don’t know that cats and other animals can suffer epileptic seizures. These seizures usually stem from aberrant levels of electrochemical activity in the cat’s brain. Typically, these levels of activity are themselves the result of some form of brain injury.

There’s not a ton of evidence on how much CBD can help cats suffering from epileptic seizures, but research does seem to indicate that it helps with humans. Some studies show that CBD helps decrease the intensity of seizures along with their frequency.

If your cat suffers from epileptic seizures, talk to your vet for recommendations as soon as possible.

Keep Your Pet Health

There are benefits of CBD for cats that can improve their health in valuable ways. If your cat shows signs of any of the above issues, talk with your vet to decide if CBD is appropriate for your feline. If there’s any way to keep them healthy, it’s worth investigating.

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