Useful Brand Name Suggestions

Is it possible to create a perfect brand name? Why not, as long as it has the required traits. Ideally, yours should be meaningful, future-proof, accessible, protectable, and distinctive. These traits are vital for a brand to survive in the cutthroat competitive world.

The first impression you have an intention of making is crucial in the choice. It’s the factor that decides whether the name would be classic, emotional, modern, clever, or pragmatic. In any case, avoiding trendy words is always recommended.

Follow the suggestions below in order to create a perfect denomination.

Consider the main traits

Every brand name is expected to have certain traits that make it successful. For instance, it should be meaningful in order to stimulate a positive emotional connection and communicate the essence of your brand. Also, it must be distinctive, as it’s the only way to differentiate from your competitors. Naturally, a brand name has to be accessible, which means people can pronounce, interpret, and Google it without any problem.

Moreover, your business denomination should be protectable, which can be achieved solely by trademarking it and getting a domain. Another essential trait your denomination should have is being future-proof so as to grow with the business and remain relevant. Check out this URL to learn why you should get excited about emotional branding.

Consider storytelling

Storytelling is another aspect worth the consideration, as it helps businesses connect with the audience. It’s an influential tool in the world of branding, helping customers relate with a particular brand. What would you say about the fact business titles have the power to tell stories? Many people find it unthinkable for business names of a single word or two words to tell a story.

Nevertheless, some of the most renowned companies worldwide have shown that story-telling names indeed exist. Take Nike and Adidas as examples of metaphorical names, using metaphors and references to indicate a particular story.

Nike stands for the goddess of victory, thus associating this sportswear brand with achievements. Conversely, Amazon is chosen after the largest forest on planet Earth, using the variety of species found there as a metaphor for the assortment of products it offers. Make sure you go here,, to see how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos named the company.

Think about first impressions

The following aspect to take into account when looking for a brand name is the impression you wish to make. First impressions are everything when it comes to increasing brand awareness, as you will either attract or repel the audience. Some businesses wish to come across as trustworthy, whereas others want to be interpreted as fun.

Classic brand names are the right match for companies that want to seem reliable and secure, inducing trust in customers. The goal of these denominations is to exhibit stability and trust, which makes them suitable for real estate companies and businesses providing legal services.

In complete contrast, modern names should be interpreted as innovative and fresh. Hence, abstract and visual denominations would be appropriate when looking for something modern. There are numerous popular brand names that sound modern, like Apple, Nike, Firefox, Amazon, Hulu, etc.

For example, Apple is such a simple yet so intriguing title inspired by the connection of everyone to this fruit. The idea of the owner was to represent Apple computers as everyday gadgets, which can be used by everyday people.

The role of emotional brand names is to appeal to the emotions of individuals, thus stimulating a positive response. There is a multitude of emotional business name ideas designed to create the right first impression. Not surprisingly, such denominations work excellent with charity organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders. Nevertheless, these are also beneficial for companies that focus their attention on the outcome of their products, not their function.

Clever brand names are created to be fun and playful, aiming for the humorous side of customers. Such denominations are based on rhymes and puns to make consumers smile, as well as introduce unpopular topics. Take Squatty Potty as an example of a brand that managed to create a fun title for bathroom aids.

Ultimately, if you intend to describe the services of your company through a title, then you must opt for a pragmatic name. These denominations help customers understand the essence of the company, taking the form of explanations. PayPal is a catchy, pragmatic denomination, explaining the user-friendliness of the payment system. Literally, PayPal is the pal of customers when they wish to make a payment.

Skip trendy words

Another useful suggestion is avoiding the use of buzz words. Although some companies try to make their denominations memorable by using trendy words, these will soon be considered outdated. Don’t be tempted to incorporate modern words in your denomination in order to get to the young population.

Since fads are temporary, your brand name will stop making sense after several years. The young population will always keep on changing its interests, which means your company title will fail the test of time. The most important thing for your brand is not to lose any relevance over the years. Go here to check out maintain brand relevance amidst changing industry trends.

Consider availability

An essential but often disappointing step is checking whether the denomination is available. Check the availability of the domain name and the social media handle. Unfortunately, it usually happens for some of the titles you come up with to be taken. There are various checker tools online that show the availability of domain extensions in a matter of seconds. These checkers demonstrate all the available and taken domains, along with social media usernames.

Last but not least, always check the meaning of your brand name in other languages, as it might have a negative connotation. It’s of vital importance not to embarrass yourself in any other culture.


Branding is an important part of every business.

It deserves maximum attention, patience, and creative skills.

The ultimate goal is bonding with the audience