The Great American Made Automobiles

The modern world seems to operate on wheels. The cars and trucks are the international driving force of daily living. Life as it is known now would come to a complete standstill if the cars and trucks would stop rolling. Every aspect of human life is dependent upon the services provided by vehicles. They are responsible for transporting everything from people to all of the commercial good and products used in everyday living. In America today there are nearly as many vehicles on the highways as there are people. With knowledge of American history, life prior to the four-wheel machines was difficult and hard to bear. With the inventions of the automobile and the American Brands, the quality of life began to improve.

Trucks were needed during World War Two, but none were as capable as the truck built in 1939. T. A. Peterman from Texas, bought out the failing company, Fageol Motors. He renamed the company Peterbilt Motors Company after himself. The maker of semi trucks, or an eighteen wheeler, he did not rush his manufacturing of the Peterbilt trucks. He sent field experts to talk to truckers about their needs in a reliable truck. With information gathered, he designed Peterbilts for sale which would outperform other trucks then, and they are still the most preferred truck by performance today.

One of America’s favorite automobiles is the Ford brand. It was invented in 1908 by Henry Ford and was influential in the building of America. The Ford brand has become a national symbol for American residents. During the first year of the Ford, they sold for $875.00. The price dropped during the second year to $575.00 and the revenue doubled. Today Ford is still a mega-seller in the automotive industry. It makes vehicles for every purpose, including taxicabs and emergency response vehicles. They have cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles, and vans. Their slogan, Built Ford Tough, rings on the tongue, and in the heart of many who have chosen Ford as their number one brand.

The Chevrolet brand of vehicles has been at the forefront of sales and personal choice for many years. Louis Chevrolet became a force when he was asked to leave the GM Motor Company. In 1910, he co-founded the Chevrolet brand. With a myriad of models to choose from, the competition with Ford is an American institution by itself. Their slogan, Like a Rock, means that there is nothing stronger. These vehicles are built to last.

General Motors, founded in 1908 by William Durant, is a company with many makes and brands under its umbrella. The Buick Company was operated by Durant, who bought General Motors to form one company. The company is the makers of the Buick, Pontiac, and the GMC, Oldsmobile and Cadillac vehicles. The company and these automobiles have dominated the automotive industry for many years. During the depression, Durant had the idea of combining all of the car makers into one company to provide many types of autos for the many types of people. A few manufacturers agreed, thus the beginning of the General Motors Company that provided many makes of automobiles.

The designation of being “Made in America” used to mean something more than it does today, but that doesn’t mean industries in the United States have completely abandoned the concept of high-quality manufacturing. Nowhere is this truer than in the automobile industry, which continues to live up to a high standard of performance and style.