The Best Models of LED Light Bars for 2020

If you’re a car accessory enthusiast and love off-road or night drive, you already know how crucial a piece of equipment LED light bars are. Some add-ons are not necessary to have, but a bright light that will shine the way in the pitch-black night is something everyone needs.

Whether you’re a professional and competitive rally or off-road driver, having as many lumens as possible is preferable. If you’re still unsure where to buy this year’s best illuminating bars, you can check sources like 2020 to find a variety of models.

LED Light Bars Explained

These bars are an essential piece of equipment for every serious and professional driver. Lumens are the units that are used to measure the quantity of all visible light. The number of lumens determines the brightness.

What makes these luminous accessories better than others is the number of lumens (candlepower) they have. The more lumens they have, the brighter they’ll shine. These days, you can buy LED lights that shine as bright as one million candles (one candlepower is approximately 12 lumens).

The more lumens light bars have, the higher their prices are. So, if you’re looking to buy a super bright car accessory, make sure to buy a product with the highest number of lumens. Costlier products, in this case, are a good investment since these models don’t break often.

This Year’s Sought-After Models

When technology advances, everything else advances as well. The same goes for these luminous accessories. Today, the market is more vibrant than it ever was before. Various options are available for people to choose from, and most of them are the newest, high-tech achievements of the LED light bar industry. Here, see how LED light works.

There are many different types of beam patterns available, but the two most common are spot and flood LED bars. Floodlights are a fantastic choice for all those people who need to equip their search and rescue vehicles.

Spotlight beams don’t disperse as flood beam. The first ones are convenient for a night ride, as the beams focus on the road. The floodlight beam will shine on the broader area while a spotlight beam will shine to vast distances with less extensive lighting. Some newer models of these accessories are the combination of these two patterns allowing users to enjoy the full spectrum of distant and wide lighting.

Models with IP Rating

One of the most critical factors when it comes to professional gear is the IP rating. Harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfalls or dry sand in hot deserts can have a significant influence on the proper work of the non-IP rated equipment. Therefore, if you’re driving an off-road 4WD, a truck, or riding a motorcycle, you should think about obtaining the gear with the IP rating.

The higher the IP rating, you’ll have fewer worries about your professional lighting equipment. A high IP rating means your gear can withstand pretty harsh weather like snow, ice, dust, or storms. There are many LED bar models available that are IP rated.

The IPXX rating means that the gear (in this case, LED bars) is waterproof and dustproof. The first X symbol is replaced with numbers from 0 to 6. These numbers represent the level of dust resistance. The second X ranges from 0 to 9, and it shows the levels of water resistance.

Having a water resistance level 7 and more means that piece of equipment can go underwater under special circumstances. The optimal IP rating is IP67 for most of the professional LED bars. These luminous bars require maintenance and repairs rarely.

Know Your Needs

As much as people like to show off with their cars and the fancy accessories they’ have it’s essential to know what you need for your vehicle. When you’re fully aware of your real needs, you’ll know which model to buy that will serve you for years to come.

Buying the brightest lights in the market is fantastic in case you really need them. Professional vehicles will have better performances with proper lightning. But in case you just want to show off with cool car add-ons, go for it. Car fans around the world will be satisfied with these accessories.