There is a rise in demand for developers who have advanced skills in technology. Several companies are using more resources for recruiting,  hiring, and nurturing local talents to remain competitive in this industry as a full stack developer. This means developers are putting more effort into developing skills that make them have the upper hand in getting well-paying projects that also meet their roles.

Technology has continuously evolved rapidly. Therefore developers must get the necessary skills set that are vital to thriving in this industry. Thus the only option to remain on demand is to keep on learning and sharpening the skills and knowledge. Some of the top skills to learn include

Artificial intelligence

AI has rapidly changed this industry, thus making more exciting time for AI programmers that are looking for new ideas. Hiring AI specialists has grown in The recent past at 74%. This is because it has greatly increased throughout its adoption by several industries.AI  programmers have now since becoming number one on the job ranks.


This belongs to the same family, but UX and UI are different. UI (user interface) are specialists that design interfaces for apps and websites; thus, they are visually appealing, easy to use, and navigate. UX or user experience specialists, in most cases, do lots of testing and research, thus considers every element on how the client can interact with the application, website, and company while coordinating with both UI designers and developers.

User experience is also good for developers that want to use testing and analysis in order to help businesses impeccably gather their users’ needs. In due course, User Interface is much better for developers who like to focus on the layout, visuals, general look, as well as the feel of a product or page. This career is good for all those who would like to develop an analytical role in graphic designs, testing, and so on.


The other vital tech that should be learned in 2020 is about machine earning. This is a branch of AI that deals with machine design that acts intelligently as that of humans, and machine learning relies on specific data. Thus use of AI in user experience and data analysis has been recently used in several organizations.

Machine learning the most innovative and exciting way in the future hence making it the most profitable skill that a developer ought to learn. Alexa, chatbots, and Siri to self-driving cars are examples of ML.

These are some of the uses for machine learning for futuristic tech. This can be done by taking an online course that involves machine learning. This has brought about an increase in demand, as several companies are currently exploring different ways of using machine learning.

Machine learning can be applied to all industries; they include Education, Finance, Healthcare, and Translation, among others. The list is endless; thus, learning more on ML gives the developer a competitive edge in the industry.


Data science & analytics are time and again, in-demand. They fall in tech jobs in big data. This includes data analytics and data science. This has brought about an increase in revenue, and there is a steady projection of growth. Several enterprises have heavily invested in data analytics and science initiatives that have helped accurate decision making in the organization.

Advancing in data science and analytics,  for developers has been reported to have been on top of the techs listed in 2020. Data analysis is an entry-level skill, while data science is more advanced, although these careers are related. Organizations that require data professionals include Education, Software Health, Finance, and many more


Data engineering is different from data science, but one requires data science so that they may enable one to be a data engineer. Data engineers develop infrastructures and tools that the data scientists use or rely on in order to conduct their work.

According to research, there is a steady growth in this technology; thus, job demand has increased across several industries. The demand for data engineers in us has increased and doesn’t have any sign of cessation. This due to the fact that the government has revised policies on immigration law, thus gives them a high opportunity for the job.


This assists people in understanding the meaning of data by using its visual context, for example, by turning reports or spreadsheets into graphs and charts that can be easily understood.

This career acts as the link with non-technical and scientific roles. The data is taken by analysts and translate it into a form that everyone can understand and interpret. The data collected by analysts and transform it into a form anyone can understand.


Organizations that collect information, any sensitive information, it very important to keep their network secure. This helps to prevent any data from breaching and falling into the wrong hands. They may suffer as company inter of the cost incurred to recover the lost data. In the recent past data, breaches have increased significantly as organizations site have been hacked—for example, Sony, Chipotle LinkedIn, among others.

Such a situation has brought about an organization in hiring an expert in network and information security so that they can keep their data secure .cyber security has, therefore, become a highly demanded skill in 2020.with just one-year cybersecurity engineer has up more than 100%. Unfortunately, there is a shortage for these experts, thus raise the salary scales, and everyone has a place in the organization.


Augmented reality and Virtual reality have the collective term XR (extended reality). They tend to be useful not just for entertainment purposes but also in Advertising, Health Care, Marketing, and manufacturing are some organization have already adopted XR technology.

According to research, the demand for virtual reality and augmented reality experts has realty increased. This has presented a good opportunity for developers who would like to learn for this top tech skill at this moment.