High-quality verification of emails

Competent email marketing implies attentive work with the subscriber base. And verification of emails is rather important.

Email marketing has conversion, that is the highest in comparison with other tools. The advantages of email marketing are numerous. First of all, its direct fast communication with potential customers. As a result, such approach helps to raise sales and create good reputation of the company.

But companies are faced with the problem of getting into spam, which significantly undermines their reputation as a sender of email newsletters. If you do not warn that the domain and IP address are included in spam and black lists, in the future this will lead to the inability to effectively use email marketing. In such situation email address checker (for example https://truemail.io/is a real solution.

If you are engaged in email marketing, then for sure you have a database of email addresses, which is constantly updated with new contacts. The process of creating such a working base takes neither a month, nor two – and not even one year. This process is regular and ongoing. Now imagine that your base is no less than 5 years old. That the very first customers discovered new mailboxes long ago, abandoning old ones due to overcrowding or uselessness.

How to calculate non-existent addresses? How to avoid sending letters “nowhere”, while spending time and money? There are special services for this.

What are the advantages of validating the email addresses?

Sales via email, that are successful as a result, demand attentive attitude. As it was said above, it is important to have a clean and high-quality database. However, over time, duplicates, addresses with errors, dead mail or undeliverable emails will appear in any database. For this reason, an important step is the validation of email addresses, because it gives:

  • clear and reliable customer base;
  • reduced risk of spam;
  • increased trust in the mailbox (and the domain as a whole);
  • increase in the percentage of email deliverability.

How often should the validation be done?

The maintenance of clean email database is of the highest importance. Cleaning should be done at least once every 6 months, but depends on the size of the base. The larger the database, the greater the possibility of invalid email addresses appearing in it, and the more often it is worthwhile to validate.

Exceeding the number of invalid addresses and complaints will limit the delivery of letters to the Inbox. If there are more than 5% errors in the mailing list, the risks of getting into SPAM are very high. Letters may even be rejected by the mailbox. Therefore, spam must be under total control. Special service to validate email addresses would help to avoid unpleasant results.

To clean the subscriber base is an important issue on which the effectiveness of your further efforts in email marketing depends. Therefore, check the database before starting email marketing: take care of your mail reputation!