The Best Jobs that Make a Difference in People’s Lives

You don’t have to do anything huge to help make the world a better place. In fact, you can help other people and make a living at the same time. Check out the best jobs that make a difference in people’s lives.

When you’re looking for a job, you may look for jobs that make a difference in people’s lives. That could be anything from helping others navigate their struggles to assisting them through hard times. You probably want to feel good about what you do in the world.

You absolutely can. You can even make a good living while changing the world at the same time. There are lots of career options that will allow you to achieve that goal. For instance, if you want a purposeful job, healthcare might be a reliable option for you.

But maybe you prefer helping jobs that involve children or impacting the greater society at large. In this article, will cover a ton of the best jobs for helping others across many industries.

Jobs That Make A Difference In People’s Lives: Improving Health

Due to the Affordable Care Act and America’s growing population of senior citizens, healthcare jobs are expected to improve significantly. In fact, the healthcare helping jobs are going to be the fastest growing employer from 2014-2024. The business is looking to have an annual increase in employment of 1.9 percent, amounting to an additional 3.8 million jobs.

Here is a quick list of the best jobs for helping people in healthcare that might be right for you in the honor society.


Under the guidance of a registered nurse, an LPN or licensed practical nurse could be giving medications, recording vital signs, updating patient records, assisting doctors and registered nurses with tests and procedures. A good thing to know is LPNS are usually called LVNS aka Licensed Vocational Nurses in Texas and California.

Annual salary range–$32,510 to $60,420 or more

Job growth–12 percent

Entry-level education–Certificate or diploma

Helping Jobs: Massage Therapist

Lots of patients visit relaxation massage services and many different therapeutic methods. The soft-tissue work does wonders for client’s sore muscles, aiding in recovery from injury and shares other benefits that help in improving overall health.

Annual salary range–$19,720 to $74,870 or more

Job growth–24 percent

Entry-level education–Certificate or diploma

Best Jobs For Helping Others: Medical Assistant

This job consists of helping doctors with lots of critical medical situations. A regular day could have such responsibilities as assisting patients in preparing for the exams, completing lab tests, drawing blood, collecting lab specimens, changing the dressing and explaining treatment protocol to patients.

Annual salary range–$22,870 to $45,310 or more

Job growth–29 percent

Entry-level education–Certificate or diploma

(RN) Registered Nurse

Giving treasured help to doctors and watch over LPNs /LVNs and the rest of the medical support staff. You’ll be required to do many different medical tasks such as dressing wounds, teaching patients about different medications, explaining special diets, helping create treatment plans and other medical jobs.

Annual salary range–$47,120 to $102,990 or more

Job growth–15 percent

Entry-level education–Associate’s or bachelor’s degree

(PTA) Physical Therapist Assistant

Do an essential job alongside a physiotherapist and give support to patients recovering from illness and injuries. You will help teach the patient.

Jobs That Involve Helping People: Keep Smiling

Another excellent career choice is dental work. Between 2002-2012 the number of dental businesses grew 10.6 percent and the number of establishments grew by 13%. That growth amounted to a 16.4-percent increase in dental workers.

Helping Jobs: Dental Assistant

Take on an essential role in the dental office helping dentists and hygienists. You’ll be getting patients ready with sterilizing equipment, treatments, X-rays and maintaining with extensive procedures. These are just some of the work that could be required.

Annual salary range–$25,460 to $52,000 or more

Job growth–19 percent

Entry-level education–Certificate or diploma

Jobs That Help People: Dental Hygienist

If you go for this job, you’ll be responsible for making sure

patients receive ideal dental care, clean teeth, look over treatment plans and taking a few X-rays and other dental tasks throughout the day.

Annual salary range–$50,870 to $100,170 or more

Job growth–20 percent

Entry-level education–Associate’s degree

Exercise and Diet Helping Jobs

Many Americans struggle with maintaining a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercises. This fact makes those jobs that help people create health strategies that much more critical. Here is a quick list of helping jobs that aid in that area.

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Share your knowledge and experience of nutrition with your clients. Teach them how to make healthy choices and keep on track with special diets if required. You could find yourself teaching clients how to avoid illness and chronic conditions while also figuring out their health requirements.

Annual salary range–$36,470 to $82,410 or more

Job growth–14 percent

Entry-level education–Bachelor’s degree

Fitness and Wellness Coordinator

Figure out and plan wellness and fitness exercises for fitness centers, gyms, corporations and health facilities that have a vested interest in the overall health of their employees. It’s also possible to help clients through a variety of tasks such as education programs, wellness activities and exercise classes to improve their mental health, nutrition, and fitness.

Average salary–$77,0206

Job growth–14 percent

Entry-level education–Bachelor’s degree

Helping Jobs: Personal Trainer

Use your knowledge and experience to help people with the physical and nutritional goals. Work to keep your clients focused on improving their weight and fitness while creating a fun, active and safe workout regimen specifically for their needs and desires.

Annual salary range–$19,150 to $72,980 or more

Forecasted job growth–10 percent

Typical entry-level education–Certificate or diploma

Making A Difference Matters

Many people look for the dollar sign when they look for a job. But many find that jobs that make a difference in people’s lives are the most important motivator when pursuing a career.

For more information on getting the education, you need to change lives check out this article.