The 5 Tricep Workouts You Should Be Doing

One of the keys to successfully and safely building muscle is making sure you’re working out the right way. Check out these awesome tricep workouts!

A balanced workout is essential to keeping your body healthy and strong.

Making sure you focus on the different muscle groups will keep you looking good and feeling good. Taking care of your body means giving all your muscles the attention they deserve.

Triceps are often missing from the typical workout. Because these muscles account for two-thirds of your upper arms, skipping them could leave your arms unbalanced.

Check out these five tricep workouts you should be doing to build healthy and defined upper arms.

Close-Grip Bench Press

A solid place to start with strengthening your triceps is with the close-grip bench press.

This variation of the bench press stimulates those lateral muscles and gives your chest a little extra work. Using a close-grip also allows you to bench more weight than normal, giving you an intense start to your workout.

The close-grip bench press is straightforward and effective. You can even switch to an incline or decline bench to stimulate these muscles in new ways.


Dips are a staple to good tricep workouts. Not only are they effective, but there’s also a variety of ways to do them. Most variations don’t require any equipment at all.

The key to an effective dip is making sure you get low enough. Whether you’re using a machine at your gym or a chair at home, you should be lowering yourself until your arms are at a 90-degree angle.

Doing some slow, low dips is a recipe for defined tricep muscles.

Overhead Extension

The best kinds of workouts are the ones that fight off muscle imbalances. This makes the overhead extension the perfect addition to your tricep workouts.

The overhead extension allows you to press heavy weights and give your triceps the boost they need. While doing this exercise sitting down will all the spots you’d want it to, doing a standing overhead extension also works your core.

Overhead extensions allow you to put up a lot of weight in a safe way. This makes them the perfect for bringing your arm muscles into balance.


As terrifying as the name for this exercise may seem, they’re nothing to be afraid of. Skullcrushers are a necessity to anyone’s triceps workout.

Bodybuilders love skullcrushers for their simplicity and effectiveness. This exercise hits the medial head of your triceps, helping balance out your arms.

While they seem intimidating, skullcrushers are a valuable move to include in your workout. Much like other triceps workouts on this list, you can mix things up with an incline or decline bench to work your muscles from different angles.

Triceps Push-Up

The push-up is one of the most basic exercises in the book, and for a good reason. Push-ups are so popular because they work well.

Triceps push-ups are the same workout that we all know and love, but they engage the upper arms.

The difference between triceps push-ups from the traditional movement is your hand placement. Rather keeping them shoulder-width apart, your hands are much closer together.

The closer your hand are, the tougher the push-up will be. But doing so will also give you the best triceps workout.

Keeping Up Your Tricep Workouts

Much like any workout, building your triceps will take time. But your hard work will pay off.

Before you know it, your upper arm muscles will have the perfect balance between bulk and definition.

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