That’s how you can pick a perfect bed for your dog!

The modern market of dog supplies is so diverse that is can make a new dog owner feel a bit dizzy. You can easily find hundreds of dog beds online, and lots of them are so different in sizes, designs, fabrics, quality, and prices, that it often seems impossible to pick the one that will suit your pet friend perfectly.

If you are a keen dog owner, then you probably know a lot about your pet’s habits and tastes, and it won’t be hard for you to find something special for it. If you’ve just had your first pup, then you should know a few rules on what to pay attention while looking for the best dog bed for it. Some of them are pretty obvious, but it’s still easy to forget about some of them when looking for something from the endless list of options. We’ve made a short check-list for you to help you pick an amazing bed for a dog that it will love.

  • Size. Pups come in different shapes and sizes – and their dog beds can differ a lot as well. Smaller and medium-sized breeds can feel comfy on basically any dog bed, so if your goal is to make your pet to feel like a king, and you also have lots of space in your house, then you can easily buy a huge bed to make it happy. Obviously, larger breeds can only use huge dog beds that usually look like donuts, trampolines, or flat cozy cushions. Even if your puppy is small now, it makes sense to buy a high-quality huge bed for it, so you won’t have to replace it when it becomes an adult dog.
  • Shape. Dog bed shapes can be vastly different, and it’s not only about looks – it’s also about some sleep habits each pup has. Some dogs love curling, some love sleeping like humans and having pillows under their heads. Some of them need more privacy, so burrow-like dog houses are the best to satisfy their needs. If you don’t know your dog’s tastes or habits yet, then traditional donut-shaped or flat cushions are just perfect – they are specious enough and soft, so your pet friend will feel comfy regardless of how it sleeps.
  • Comfort. Everyone loves sleeping on something soft and comfy, and dogs are no exception. Older pups need comfort even more: their joints often hurt, so they can’t relax properly unless their beds for dogs are good enough. Most modern beds for dogs have polyester or cotton filling, but some can also have memory foam inside.
  • Hygiene. Your pet friend might be not that picky, but you definitely don’t want something dirty that smells badly in your house. Therefore, pick beds with removable cases that are easy to clean in a washing machine, or items that are water-resistant and don’t clog pet fur. There are also waterproof options for young puppies and older pets who can have accidents, but they aren’t always the most comfy ones. In that case, it’s often better to have a regular dog bed with an additional waterproof case or just a special cover to keep it clean.
  • Quality. Mass-market beds can have decent quality, but a manually produced bed for a dog normally lasts way longer. It’s because producers cut, glue, and stitch every detail carefully by hand and make sure everything is fine. Fabric also plays a huge role. Premium-quality dog stores use genuine leather, linen, nice polyester, and also some anti-vandal fabrics to make their items last, and to make it way easier for you as a dog owner to keep them clean. Remember that some dogs love chewing basically anything they can find, so the dog bed should be really strong.
  • Design. Your pet friend won’t probably mind having a bed that doesn’t look particularly good, but it can (and will) spoil your mood a lot. Modern pet beds can look attractive, so they easily fit in most interiors without ruining their aesthetics. Choose beds with calm natural colors, and pay attention to fabric and shape. Designer pup beds from sites like tend to look even better, so they will never ruin the atmosphere of your house. At the same time, don’t forget that it’s often harder to keep beds of light colors clean!