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Best Home Designs For New Builds

Moving into a new house is a huge milestone, being a much anticipated memory that you can share with your nearest and dearest. If you have opted for a new build property, embrace the excitement of having a brand new house which is in pristine condition and set among a brand new neighbourhood, letting you […]

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How to Make Your Own Curtains

Adding dressings to the windows of your home is a great way to add some style to a space without having to completely redo it. Affordable Blinds & Curtains can all add an extra dimension to a room as well as provide some reprieve from the sun on exceptionally bright days. While most rooms would

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Architectural Tips For 2018

If you’re in the process of looking for architectural inspiration, in order to design your ultimate home, simply continue reading to discover tips for Gary Friedman for a variety of architectural tips for 2018! Architectural tips for 2018: Design spaces which boast high ceilings Whether you’re looking to add an extension to your current property or

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Move or Improve?

If there is something you don’t like about your home, there are 2 options: move or improve. We have created an infographic which explores the pros and cons of both options. Which would you do? This is an important question for many people to consider and our partners Slater & Gordon have found out some great

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