Best Home Designs For New Builds

Moving into a new house is a huge milestone, being a much anticipated memory that you can share with your nearest and dearest. If you have opted for a new build property, embrace the excitement of having a brand new house which is in pristine condition and set among a brand new neighbourhood, letting you put your own stamp on the blank canvas. Although some worry that a new build home lacks personality and history, the opportunity to make the space your own is an appealing prospect that allows you to take total creative freedom over your new home. Whether you choose to work with the best architects in London to fully utilise the space and transform the layout in ways you would never have thought of, or are looking for low cost ways to liven up the space, we’ve pulled together some of the best design ideas to help turn your new house into a home.

Make the floor the focal point

The flooring is often an opportunity which is not utilised within the home, holding endless opportunity which you can explore on a budget. If a room is lacking excitement and energy, a total redesign isn’t always necessary, just refresh the flooring and unleash the potential. Pair neutral walls and decoration with a statement floor, choosing patterned tiles or a bold colour to create a brand new focal point under foot.

Bring the outdoors in

Make more use of your garden space by merging your patio area with your indoor living area, utilising large patio or bi-fold doors. As well as being a welcome addition in the summer when you can let the fresh air flood in, make use of the perfect hosting space with your family and friends and buy your hammock in Brisbane so that they can unwind in your backyard.  Even during the chilly weather, enjoy the natural light all year round and brighten up your space. To overcome the barriers of unpredictable British weather so you can continue hosting without the worry of a drizzle cancelling your plans, an awning will extend your shelter so you can continue enjoying the garden whenever you like.

Create a calming space

Many new build homes are designed with a neutral colour palette, being a versatile solution that suits a whole range of aesthetics. As well as working with a range of different styles, the light colours can really brighten up a room and create a fresh and airy feel. To compliment the colour scheme, opt for simple furniture for a minimalistic appearance or if you’d rather add some pops of colour, add bright soft furnishings to show off your personality and add some energy. We love neutral décor such as wicker baskets, rope rugs and unique vases made from eco-friendly materials.

Get creative with block colours

If you’re looking to create a vibrant and eye-catching finish, jump on the trend of block colours. Being an easy way to put your spin on the traditional new build appearance, pick out your favourite colours and transform the house on a budget. Whether you choose to paint a feature wall, invest into a statement piece of furniture or just hang some decorative prints on an empty looking wall, this is your chance to think outside of the box and make your house your own.