Staying Healthy and Happy This Winter

The colder weather months (for most!) can bring a big change to your daily schedule, and this year it is more true than ever since global events have thrown all our usual ways into a loop. But if you can look at this as a good opportunity to try new things, you can make this a winter to remember.

Work Out Online

Unlike bears, who gorge on food all summer and early fall to have a nice big belly for winter hibernating, we are pretty much the opposite, where we pack on the pounds once it’s too cold to go outside. For most people, exercising falls by the wayside, regardless of whether you were going to jog down your street or make your way to your gym.

There are plenty of great ways to work out in the comfort of your home. Now, obviously one of the most popular ways is to buy some expensive exercise equipment like the Peloton bike, which is definitely the Nordic-Track of the twenty-first century so far. One of the benefits of spending a lot on this sort of thing is that you definitely are going to use it, because you want to get your money’s worth!

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to buy anything at all except for your own personal trainer, as you can book virtual appointments, just like a video call for friends, family or work. By setting up a two camera between each other with laptops or phones, you can watch them demonstrate exercises and they can watch you try it and give pointers.

Having this one on one can be very beneficial as they can tailor the routine exactly to you. Although if you do want more of a social setting, you can attend online live class with several people tuning in to follow the instructor along. Also, because it’s all done online, you can do this from anywhere, and the instructor can be from anywhere. Even if they’re based in London, they can be your escort to good health, especially if they’ve received good reviews. There are so many aerobic instructors moving online because it’s easier for their clients as they don’t have to travel. Therefore, it’s easy to find one who can mesh well with your personality and give you an ideal experience.

A New Recipe Routine

The winter means holiday parties and get-togethers, and along with that, holiday eating. Once those are over, the January-February blues means it’s always tempting to eat that second row of cookies or open another bag of chips. While we know that removing all junk food from your life is a tall order, there is a huge selection of responsible, but still tasty choices.

Trying a new recipe a week is a good way to sharpen your culinary skills and give your tongue a different experience from time to time. And even just cutting down on the junk food can make a big difference. In fact, just as absence makes the heart grow fonder, you could say the same about the stomach. The less frequent you eat candy or fried chicken, the more you’ll enjoy it the occasional times you do indulge.

Virtually Volunteer

Winter is always a time where you hole up in your home quite a bit. While it’s a good way to keep warm, it also means you are suddenly a lot less social. For some, this can be quite a disruptive routine, as they look forward to meeting new people and old friends on a regular basis.

The winter blues is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. For some older people, the winter can be a long stretch with few conversations at all. That’s why it can be very helpful if you decide to spend time talking to strangers who otherwise would be alone.

Reaching out to people and just saying hello or checking in and listening can make a world of difference. Staying connected when the weather is keeping you apart is a challenge. Fortunately, it has gotten easier for people of all ages to set up video calls, so if you really want to make someone’s cold, wintery day brighter, this is a fun and easy way to do it.

Beyond just chatting, there are several simple hobbies and interactive sex games you can share, either online or simply through using the cameras. Even doing a puzzle towns apart is possible.

Maximize Outdoor Moments

The sun is great, isn’t it? While winter means it’s a bit further away because the earth leans further back from it during that season, getting some time outside to feel its rays is not only relaxing, but healthy. Vitamin D is something that many people do not get enough of, but the sun naturally radiates it right onto your skin.

Now, too much of it can be a problem (which is why sunscreen is advised during the summer), but because of the sun’s weakened effects when it’s cold out, you won’t have to worry about overexposure. Besides, even feeling a little bit of heat on your face when it’s nippy out can make a big comfort difference.

While the weather might not always cooperate (if it’s not blizzards it might be a lot of cold and grey), that’s why you should definitely take advantage of those times where the sun is shining and the temperature reaches for the spring just a bit. It can be very relaxing and calming to get all bundled up and enjoy freshly fallen snow, and if you really want to experience something special, going outside at night when all the stars are out on a clear night can be very magical. And coming back home for a cup of hot chocolate under blankets is a perfect nightcap for the evening.