Buy Wheel and Tyre Packages or Just Replace the Tyres?

If you’re considering buying new tyres for your vehicle, you must be confused about whether you should also buy new wheels. Wheel and tyre packages, which are sets of mounted wheels and tyres, seem to be more sensible than just replacing the tyres installed on your current car wheels.

There are many benefits of owning two sets of tyres and wheels that far outweigh the cost of buying them upfront. However, some car owners do not prefer investing in two separate sets, especially if they are not planning to use their vehicle for more than a few years or if they do not want to use separate tyres for winters.

Whether to buy packages or replace the tyres largely depends on your situation and preferences. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice.

Suitable for Winter Driving

One common reason why drivers prefer purchasing packages is due to winter driving. If you install winter tyres on your original wheels, you may personalize your ride for the chilly months and have a unique setting for non-winter months. But changing the tyres after every few months is a bit of a task, and you may not want to do it again and again.

Instead, changing the whole tyre along with the wheel is much easier and faster. Changing the whole thing will also keep your original wheels safe from corrosive salt, snowmelt chemicals, and other factors on rough winter roads. So, buying packages seems to be a much better option.

Fully Equipped Packages

Wheel and tyre packages come with four wheels, four tyres, and all the nuts and bolts required for installation. So, you can change them in the comfort of your garage easily. This means that you would no longer need to waste time at a mechanic’s waiting room and deal with long queues after the snowfall. Some package sellers even provide interest-free finance on the purchase of their packages.


One of the most crucial things to consider while purchasing tyres is to ensure that they are compatible with your car’s wheels. Buying tyres without giving attention to the wheels is a source of disaster. If the wheels are large, they will not fit the wheel wells, due to which your tyres will rub excessively while driving on the road.

This can be expensive as well as hazardous for your tyres. However, when you buy complete packages, you can be sure that both the things you are getting are compatible with each other, and there is no chance of going wrong.


There may be chances that the tyres you choose for your car do not match your wheels’ look. Sometimes, the bolt pattern may be wrong, or they may be too heavy for the suspension system to handle. Packages are better in terms of looks and performance, as both the tyres and the wheels have to go hand in hand with each other.

So, here are a few reasons why you must prefer purchasing wheel and tyre packages instead of replacing tyres alone. Find an authentic supplier of these packages and have peace of mind regarding all the aspects mentioned above.